The Oscars Flop On Twitter

Oscars Fails on TwitterThe Oscars is known to be a big night for Twitter in the social media realm. But this year, Twitter’s stats were not up to their usual par. Fewer people tweeted about the Oscars this year than in 2014, or even 2013, according to Nielsen. Even though Twitter didn’t stand out, Facebook made up for the slack.

Nielsen figures show that there were a total of 5.9 million Oscar-related tweets. That’s down about 65% from last year’s 17.1 Million, though the latter figure was global while the 5.9 million referred to the US. In 2013, there were 8.9 million tweets about the show, and that figure was also global.

A representative at Twitter said that the 17.1 million wasn’t an apples to apples comparison. Nielson said the total number of impressions was around 800 million, though the 2014 figure referred to a 48-hour period. The 800 million was measured in three hours before the show and three hours after.

Facebook meanwhile reported that 21 million people had 58 million interactions related to the Oscars on Sunday night. It was a big jump from the 11.1 million users having 25.4 million interactions last year.

Even Twitter’s handling of the announcement of their stats was telling in comparison to last year. Twitter was happy to boast that they had record-setting stats, but this year they didn’t mention stats, and Twitter’s public relations team directed reports to Nielsen’s stats.

But its not only Twitter’s stats that fell this year; the Oscar’s TV ratings also fell this year, 16% to be specific, which is it’s lowest in six years. A prime culprit to this year’s low ratings is the lack of an Ellen celebrity selfie which attributed to a massive amount of retweets in a 30-minute span last year.

Samsung is known as a pretty big brand supporter of the Oscars. Last year, they spent $20 million on a sponsorship campaign as well as having A-list celebs taking star-studded selfies with their Samsung Galaxy 3. Again, Samsung sponsored the Oscars this year with a more subtle nod to it’s phones with the help of Jack Black. This year, Samsung came in fourth among social media brand mentions. Topping the list was Lego, which perhaps was due to the lack of nomination for best animated feature. Dove, which ran a campaign that targeted people on Twitter who posted negative comments about woman’s appearances on the show, got 29,250 social mentions. Coke received 12,600. Coming in at n umber five was McDonalds, with 6,075 mentions.

As one might expect though, brands didn’t come close to matching the buzz that celebs garnered. Lady gaga came in at the top with 577,143 mentions, beating out Neil Patrick Harris, who has 219,375. Perhaps the lack of selfie moment made this year’s stats pale in comparison. In this case a picture is definitely worth more than a thousand words, especially to Twitter.

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