Transform Your Marketing Strategy Transform Your Business

with Angela Hill, Fractional CMO

Are you looking to boost your tired marketing strategies? Would you like some expert guidance and support to achieve your business goals?

Tap into over 20+ years of branding, design, and marketing experience provided by Angela Hill, your Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). With Angela’s 8 hours per week of dedicated virtual assistance, totaling 32 hours per month, you can unlock your company’s full potential in your marketing strategies.

Angela Hill, CEO & Fractional CMO at Incitrio

Flexible Hourly Support

Angela understands that your marketing needs may vary from month to month.

That’s why she ensures open communication and complete transparency. If you require additional hours beyond the agreed plan, Angela will discuss it with you beforehand, providing your approval and consent before any extra work is performed and billed.

Streamlined Communication for Accountability

To enhance collaboration and accountability, Angela kindly requests a branded company email from you, allowing her to communicate with your employees and vendors on your behalf. This step holds them responsible for delivering the scope of work defined by both parties.

In the future, the email account can be transitioned seamlessly to your Marketing VP or CMO, preserving the organizational history and knowledge of work performed and files shared during the transition.

Comprehensive Scope of Work
Tailored to Your Needs

Angela’s extensive expertise as a Fractional CMO covers a wide range of strategic marketing activities. With a recommended plan of 8 hours per week, Angela tailors her approach based on your monthly budget and objectives. Here’s a glimpse into the potential scope of work:

Onboarding and Access

Angela ensures a smooth onboarding process by familiarizing herself with your documentation, logins, systems, processes, marketing plan, and marketing budget. She conducts meetings with your leadership, marketing, and internal sales teams to understand skillsets, job responsibilities, key performance indicators (KPIs), and support needed for optimal job performance.

Branding Analysis and Strategy

Unlock your brand's potential by leveraging Angela's branding analysis and strategy expertise. She delves into your current operations to fully grasp your brand personality, positioning, promise, and customer archetype development. Angela also provides messaging recommendations tailored to different customer archetypes and conducts a competitive analysis to identify Blue Ocean opportunities.

Marketing Audit and Strategic Planning

Angela performs a comprehensive audit of your marketing tactics and software, evaluating their quality and productivity. Based on the findings, she provides strategic recommendations within a marketing plan. Angela also creates an editorial calendar that aligns with the plan's objectives and timing.

Executive Buy-In and Marketing Alignment

Angela collaborates with your executive leadership team, refining her recommendations until your revised marketing plan, strategy, tactics, messaging, positioning, and timing receive approval. She ensures alignment between the marketing and sales teams, securing buy-in for the new marketing strategy and plan.

Streamlining Marketing Systems and Communication

Angela refines your marketing systems, communication channels, and software, focusing on cost reduction and increased efficiency. She introduces new methodologies, communication frameworks, and feedback mechanisms to create a culture shift within your organization.

Team Roles and Responsibilities

Angela redefines the roles and responsibilities of your marketing team, identifying areas that need improvement. She creates a training program to enhance internal skills and selects external support systems, such as agencies or freelancers, to complement your team's capabilities.

Tactical Refinement and Automation

Under Angela's guidance, all marketing tactics, including SEO, PPC, email campaigns, social media, webinars, and events, are revised based on leadership approval. She sets up marketing automation software and integrates it with your Sales CRM for better reporting. Angela also creates custom dashboards to provide comprehensive and actionable insights.

Design Collateral and Sales Presentations

Angela revamps your design collateral and sales presentations to enhance your sales efforts. She develops case studies specific to industries and white papers based on your company's capabilities, providing valuable resources to attract and engage prospects.

Website Optimization and Restructuring

Angela assesses your website's performance and recommends a website optimization strategy that can include: a new sitemap, improved functionality, compelling messaging, and design alterations. Drawing insights from customer archetypes, competitive research, and best-performing sales approaches, she ensures your website resonates with your target audience.

Creative Development and Keyword Integration

With a focus on organic lead generation, Angela works on crafting new creative assets and messaging for your website. She conducts thorough keyword research and incorporates the findings into your organic, lead generation, blog, and ad campaigns.

Complete Website Upgrade and Team Empowerment

In the final phase, Angela completes the website upgrade, fine-tunes all workflows, refines reporting mechanisms, and addresses any additional concerns or training requirements for your internal team. Her goal is to equip your team with the necessary tools and knowledge for continued success.

Workflow Automation and Lead Generation

Angela leverages workflow automation, drip campaigns, landing pages, and lead scoring to generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). She maximizes your lead generation efforts by aligning these processes with sales cadences.

Seize the Opportunity Today

Take advantage of this chance to transform your marketing strategy and achieve remarkable results. Contact Angela Hill now to get started on your journey to marketing excellence.

If you would like a personal touch, please call us at 858-523-1822 to discuss your branding needs. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Note: Once you approve Angela’s proposal, she will work closely with your leadership team and internal marketing talent to ensure objectives and timing align with your expectations for the year.