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Incitrio Ecommerce Design & Programming Overview

Did you know that Incitrio designs and programs ecommerce websites? Whether you’re setting up an ecommerce version of your “brick and mortar” business or a new online retail presence, it can be a daunting task. From the right shopping cart to integration with your CMS, CRM, inventory management system or bookkeeping software, it can all seem overwhelming. Incitrio can help you build the right foundation for future growth with our expertise with ecommerce shopping carts, mobile commerce, social commerce, enhanced programming, and integration.

ecommerce shopping cart showing on a computer with someone showing a mobile commerce version of the site in front of it.

Whether you’re a B2C looking to sell products directly to wholesalers, a B2B looking to offer event or conference registrations, or a non-profit wanting to implement an online donation platform, choosing the right shopping cart that integrates properly with your CMS and CRM is a really big step for most companies. We can help you navigate the complex waters of ecommerce.

What is a shopping cart?

A shopping cart is a separate piece of software that integrates with your website to process online transactions and use as your ecommerce system. Some ecommerce shopping carts can process international transactions, offer multiple shipping options, have an integrated affiliate marketing component, and can integrate with SalesForce, QuickBooks, or your inventory management software. Other shopping carts have more robust SEO options, functionality to offer a “you might also like” section, or the ability to access a remote database. Understanding your needs will help you and your team choose the right shopping cart for you.

Incitrio’s team of developers has experience working with many different types of shopping carts, including WP plugins, Zen, BigCommerce, Volusion, Magento, Shopify and more. We can handle the design, programming, configuration, inventory migration, merchant account setup, and testing of your shopping cart, and program for traditional online, mobile, and social commerce. Our specialty is designing your cart to match the look & feel of your current website. Request an ecommerce design & programming quote today!

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