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Every content generator is ever-venturing to create content that is creative and interesting for their target audience. But always coming up with the next greatest thing can get monotonous and is downright difficult. So, let’s get self-referential by outlining the seven steps to making effective and creative content.

Stage #1: Step Away From Your Computer
Although this may sound like torture, it is important you step away from your digital tools and take time to harvest your own original thoughts. This process takes longer, but it is one of the best ways to utilize your beautifully creative brain to its maximum potential. If you want to create content that is unique, original, and interesting, it won’t work to constantly regurgitate what you read on a deluge of digital media.

Stage #2: Find An Idea Buddy
Many people find massive “brainstorming sessions” intimidating and the ultimate creativity killer. More often than not, the strongest personality and the best sales person will be the winner in the creativity storm. But, if you can find an “Idea Buddy,” someone you can bounce ideas off of, you will find that an outside perspective will help make your ideas stronger. Find someone that you trust, you are comfortable with, and someone who is willing to tell you when you have a terrible idea or get excited when you have a great one.

Stage #3: Go Temporarily Insane
It is always easier to go too far and pull back than to barely nudge the thousand-pound envelope, one conservative idea at a time. Therefore, it is recommended you think of the most ludicrous, outlandish ideas you can fathom. From there, you will find it is easier to come up with actual good ideas after pulling back from the realm of insanity.

Stage #4: Use Google Images For Inspiration
Once you have come up with an iota of an idea, return to your digital devise and search the idea in Google Images. This may not seem all that innovative in terms of cultivating the next great idea, but you are searching for your epiphany. If you are a good creative, you will know the moment when you see it. The process helps you visualize your thought process and may open your eyes to different perspectives on the topic. You know what they say, an image is worth a thousand words, so that makes Google Image results worth millions. And if Google Images don’t light your fire, then give this stage a go with YouTube.

Stage #5: Put Yourself In Your Place
Now that you have come up with the next greatest creative concept, it is important you don’t let it get to your head. Go back in time by about 10 years and look at old ad awards show annuals. This helps bring you back to earth, learn from your superiors, and recognize where you need improvement.

Stage #6: Think Hard, Write Short
Consider the writer’s version of “measure twice, cut once.” There should always be considerably more thought put in to your content than the time spent writing the piece. If you have not invested the time into planning what you want to say, why would you waste your time putting your half-baked thoughts into typed words?

Stage #7: Do It Better
At the end of the day, you should always be striving to do better and be better. “Good enough” is not good enough.

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