AvengersProduct placement dates back to the silent film era. However, it didn’t start gaining momentum until Reese’s Pieces were used in the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982). Today, product placement in our movies is running rampant. The products we use in real life appear on the big screen – the Apple computer, the Coke can, Starbucks coffee, etc. According to an article by Yahoo, we see prime examples of product placement in the new Avengers movie.

Some of the products shown in the movie included: Captain America wearing Levis jeans, Thor driving an Audi, Tony Stark working on a John Deere tractor, and the Hulk sporting Beats by Dre headphones. When products are inserted into storylines, they can be very effective. They’re good at grabbing attention and can’t be muted or skipped over. And, they can be highly influential, particularly when used to generate positive impressions of a brand or to change consumers’ perceptions about a product.

However, Levi, Audi, and Beats by Dre are not relying solely on product placement to promote their product. In fact, these brands are using other integrated marketing techniques to create large-scale brand awareness.

Levi’s Jeans
Levi’s recently launched a global campaign, “Live in Levi’s,” which strives to promote a more comfortable brand fit. Levi’s new strategic course is working towards making the brand a relevant part of pop culture by reconnecting its product line to its advertising.

Audi plans to reveal a new creative campaign for its Audi A6 Sedan that is being launched in 2016. This campaign highlights the special and unique features of the Audi A6 through national and cable television spots, national print and online executions, and event sponsors.

Beats by Dre
Beats has effectively reached its’ target audience through the use of social media avenues. Beats also utilized the right celebrity endorsements and created two successful Super Bowl ads, which have helped Beats become a powerhouse product. Recently, Beats by Dre has created a new marketing campaign known as #SoloSelfie, which is designed to promote their new product, Solo Beats 2 Headphones. This interactive campaign encourages users to upload a “solo selfie” picture wearing the Solo Beats 2 headphones to their social media profile with the hashtag #SoloSelfie.