An Inside Look: The Creative Mind

Creative MindWhen working in a creative agency, you come to learn all that comes along with working with creatives. You come to find that there are a wide variety of creatives, each with their own form of quirk and preference. Creative thinking can be something that is instilled in the very core of someone’s personality, or it can change on a situational basis. We have found, however, that there are some commonalities among the creative community.

Creativity has long-been considered a mystical ideal, where neuroscientists have a difficult time accurately classifying the brain activity. In the past, our thought patterns were based on the side of the brain used; where the left brain is responsible for rational and analytical thought, whereas the right brain is responsible for creative and emotional thoughts. Scientists have come to learn that creative thinking involves far more than one side of the brain, it requires a number of cognitive processes, traveling a variety of neural pathways and emotions. However, scientists still do not have a clear picture on how creative thinking and the imaginative mind works.

By definition, the creative personality type is difficult to pin down and clearly define because creatives’ thinking tend to be more complex, and routine-adverse. The nature of a creative is to ever-evolve, constantly searching for the next great artistic stimulant. Although there may not be a definitive create “type,” there are certain characteristics and behaviors that are more common in creatives. Here are five things creatives do differently.

1. Daydreaming
Despite what your third-grade teacher may have scolded you for, daydreaming can be a very productive activity. Mind-wandering aids in the process of “creative incubation,” a process vital to coming up with the next “latest and greatest.”

2. Observing
The world is a treasure trove of creative inspiration, and creatives are pirates searching for their next bounty.

3. Experience-seeking
Taking observation to the next level, creatives love to experience new sensations, environments, and states of mind.

4. Curiosity is Embraced
Creatives embrace their curiosity. Despite their age, their sense of curiosity will not fade. Creatives want to know why and how about everything, and they will satiate their curiosity through in-depth conversation or intense mind-wandering until they find the answers they seek.

5. Seek Possibilities
A creative mind is required in order to find a solution to a difficult problem. Whether that problem is design-based or not, creativity is required to see possibilities that are not obviously presented. It is all about connecting dots where others may not have ever considered connecting.

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