Is Branded Virtual Reality Coming to Your Favorite Bar?

Oculus RiftEveryone has been waiting for the first big brand marketing leap into virtual reality (VR), but we have yet to see VR being used on a large scale. Will alcohol brands be the first to successfully integrate VR into their marketing campaigns? The latest trend of virtual reality being used in bars may be a good indicator that alcohol brands are ready to embrace the virtual reality trend.

Alcohol brands such as Jim Beam, Dos Equis, and Fire Eater are all embracing virtual reality technology to promote a branded virtual experience at local bars. What better time to influence a consumer than when they are already under the influence? Brands are specifically targeting of-age millennials who eat up new technology and are not averse to diving into a new experience.

The typical bar is loud, noisy, and distracting; so how do brands earn the fully undivided attention of a consumer so they can convince them to try their superior product? Virtual reality ensures that the wearer’s full attention is on the content being presented before them in the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, or other type of headset.

Jim Beam Devil’s Cut
Jim Beam enlisted the help of Geometry Global to launch a campaign to promote their new bourbon aptly named Jim Beam Devil’s Cut. The unique production of this specialized bourbon is what separates it from the competition, so an intricate story must be told in order for consumers to fully appreciate the drink. In order to tell the best story, Jim Beam decided to develop branded virtual reality content to show the production process in a way that has never been seen before. Virtual reality headsets will be set up for 750 sampling events at 250 bars across the U.S. in 16 major markets including New York, San Francisco, and Chicago.


Dos Equis’ The Most Interesting Man in the Bar
Dos Equis has already proved their concept when it comes to successful branded virtual reality. Last year, Dos Equis set up 21 virtual reality experiences as part of their Halloween-themed masquerade campaign. Participants had the opportunity to watch a three-minute virtual reality video starring The Most Interesting Man in the World in a party scene. As a result of the campaign, Dos Equis saw an 18 percent increase in sales. The events also supported digital marketing efforts for Dos Equis, earning the brand 27 million video views.


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