Ads with Heart: Patagonia, Volvo, and Amnesty International

Brands with HeartIt is important to take a moment to recognize ads and brands that are going above and beyond to create content that is meaningful, thoughtful, and genuine. More often than not, these ads do not appear as ads at all; they are captivating and innovative, which is what is necessary in the progression of marketing.

Let’s take a look at the top three ads released in the last few weeks.

Patagonia “Better Than New”

Patagonia has long-stood for a brand that encompasses corporate, social, and environmental responsibility. The brand promotes the longevity of its products, and rather than have consumers buy a new produce when their old product wears out, Patagonia will come to you to help repair your older product. Patagonia already houses the largest garment repair facility in North America, employing 45 full-time repair technicians at their facility in Reno, Nevada. But now, Patagonia apparel lovers can have their favorite jackets, vests, and sweaters repaired right in their own town.

The short film titled “Better Than New – Patagonia’s Work Wear Repair Truck & Facility,” shows Patagonia’s commitment to helping consumers extend the life of their products. The awesome eco-mobile sports a solar powered camper shell made from salvaged red wood, mounted on a biodiesel powered ’91 Dodge Cummins truck.

Volvo “Lifepaint”

Volvo’s Lifepaint is a safety spray that is invisible during the day, but highly glows bright at night when lights are illuminating the reflective qualities of the spray. Better yet, Volvo is giving this revolutionary safety spray away for free to their European cyclists. This is a prime example of a brand promoting a good cause that perfectly correlates with the brands long-standing safety legacy.

Amnesty International “Mutant Font”

Amnesty International’s “Mutant Font” introduces a font that protects users from electronic spying of their shared information over the web. Amnesty paired with Brazil-based agency Africa to create fonts that are unreadable by machines. The ad raises awareness for the prevention of online spying by government agencies. Amnesty claims this is in violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, plus, its downright creepy.

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