Bobble Uses Green Marketing Ad To Inspire A Change In Behavior

Bobble Uses Green Marketing Ad To Inspire A Change In Behavior

Bobble Uses Green Marketing Ad To Inspire A Change In Behavior

Picture a day in the life of a Millennial. What are Millennials doing and how are they doing it? There is a certain tone, image, and style that emerges when marketers focus on targeting Millennials. In a life where everything is good and carefree, Millennials too often seize the day and choose to live in the moment. These cliché and assumptive characterizations of Millennials, that are frequently used by marketers, are exactly the same tactics that the reusable bottle brand, Bobble, used in order to shed light on the environmentally bankrupt generation.

Bobble brought in, 72andSunny, an ad agency in New York to create a fake water brand called Once, as in plastic bottles that can only be used once. It was a cheeky way for the brand to use familiar Millennial imagery that we see time and time again, but with a swift kick in the butt to let Millennials know that single-use plastics are a fading trend.

72andSunny learned a few hard lessons in the past on how to make a green marketing campaign. During Legacy Foundation’s Truth Campaign, as an attempt to end youth smoking once and for all,
the agency found that it is more effective to make something look uncool that to preach how bad it is for you.

In the making of Bobble’s green marketing campaign, “Our biggest creative challenge was to make the impact of single-use plastics more personal and inspire a generation to change their behavior, without shaming them into it,” said Guillermo Vega, executive creative director at 72andSunny’s New York office. Instead, Bobble focused on showing that reusable plastic bottles are fashionable because they are the smarter and cooler choice and that single-use plastics are a fading trend.

The 60-second video starts off with Millennial-oriented anthems and then it quickly unfolds into a mockery. The ad starts with lines like “Once doesn’t think twice” and “Once never looks back.” Towards the end, the ad concludes, “Who gives a **** about the future.” The Bobble product is then revealed with a line, “time to end single-use plastics,” followed by the hashtag “#endthetrend,” as a way to continue the momentum of the ad using cross-media marketing for the multi-tasking generation.

Check out the video below:

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