Growth Marketing Conference To Showcase Best of Silicon Valley Growth Strategies

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On December 2-4, 2015, over 500 founders and marketing executives will come together to attend Silicon Valley’s largest Growth Marketing Conference. The conference will be a playground to study growth strategies for start up, mid sized, and multinational companies. Startup failure rates are considerably high for a reason; however, even when companies conquer start up obstacles, growth remains one of the monumental issues for keeping a company in business long term.

At the Hotel Kabuki, where the Growth Marketing Conference is held in San Francisco, CA, the sharpest minds in the marketing industry will discuss the looming issue of growth as well as lean start up marketing topics and digital marketing best practices.

San Francisco Skyline

Here are a slew of topics that the conference will be highlighting:

  • How to build the most effective marketing strategy for your business and how to build it fast.
  • How to attract and convert paying subscribers who won’t churn.
  • How to implement marketing-related programming and automation.

The conference will feature:

  • 5 world-class keynote speakers.
  • 500+ attendees will include CEOs, founders, marketing execs, product development and sales VPs, marketing agencies and growth consultants.12+ interactive sessions for expert growth strategies, panels, and lightening growth hack-talks.
  • 15+ of the hottest companies in big data, social CRM, content, sales and marketing automation space to demo marketing and growth hacking tools.
  • 4hr hands-on growth hacking workshops to include small-group training to build your marketing plan for 2016.

A synopsis on each keynote speaker:

Sean Ellis, Founder and CEO,

Sean Ellis will explain how to unlock your company’s growth potential by identifying growth blockers and coordinating and quantifying company-wide growth efforts.

Rand Fishkin, Founder, Moz

Rand Fishkin will uncover different ways you can build an audience, reach them over the web, and earn their business. He will do this by showing you how to build a product that people will love.

Josh Elman, Partner, Greylock

Josh Elman will discuss the benefits of building on social media platforms, creating partnerships and growing your user base. Elman calls this launching a rocket off someone else’s back.

Hiten Shah, Board Member, KISSmetrics

Hiten Shah will share lessons you need to learn about growth and how, in today’s world, it’s getting easier to acquire new customers, but harder to retain them.


The keynote speaker panel includes executives from Survey Monkey, Imperva Incapsula, Boast Capital, and Invoice2go. The panel plans to take Hiten Shah’s topic a step further by explaining the challenges of converting uses into paying customers and keeping them there in order to scale growth.

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