Toms on Instagram: One Day Without Shoes Campaign

TOMS_one_day_without_shoes1Toms shoes is taking to Instagram to celebrate their nine-year anniversary, and to promote their latest campaign, One Day Without Shoes. Toms will donate a pair of shoes to a needy child for every Instagram post showing a set of bare feet with the hashtag #withoutshoes. The promotion is running until May 21, or until one million shoes are donated.

Toms has long-been a company built on corporate responsibility, they “believe in creating a world where we live for one, another.” Since their inception, a pair of shoes has been donated for every Toms shoe purchase in a store (provided you register the pair of shoes online). The brand has donated upwards of 38 million pairs of shoes in 65 countries since it started nine years ago.

Toms is taking their charitable efforts one step further by exchanging brand awareness for a donated pair of shoes. Toms is essentially accepting brand awareness on Instagram as a form of currency to balance the cost of the donated shoes.

Toms is able to leverage Instagram’s international success to promote their campaign on a global level. Twenty-five percent of Toms’ business comes from outside the U.S., making Instagram’s global presence a major factor in helping to unite the campaign across borders. Toms’ combined Instagram follower count reaches close to two million. And of those millions, the company claims to have a 65 percent engagement rate, which is nearly unheard of when it comes to a branded product.


Toms’ social media activity is focused on telling a visual story with photography of their products and beyond. Of course, the brand is present on all of the standard social platforms, but they focus a majority of their attention on Instagram because it is the best platform to tell a visual story. They typically post images four to five times a day, with a wide variety of images, from manufacturing, to a fun day at the beach. For Toms, it is about telling a story, setting a mood, and conveying an emotion. The brand successfully creates an ecosystem that encourages customers to engage with their brand.

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