What Makes TOMS A Thought Leader?


When you hear or see TOMS brand, what comes to mind first? Do you instantly think of their philanthropy-inspired tagline, “One for One”?  At TOMS, corporate social responsibility is at the core of their business model. TOMS believes their mission isn’t just to make a profit, but also to be socially responsible for those in need. TOMS has been around for almost a decade now, and is known for its corporate social responsibility thanks to its philanthropy; however, heading into its second decade, TOMS is working to further their reach and continue their goal in CSR. TOMS is doing this by not just giving shoes, but using their platform and profits to give sight, improve access to water, help provide safe birth, and prevent bullying.  TOMS focuses heavily on the environmental and social impacts and giving back to the community. Here are a few ways TOMS gives back:

The Gift of Shoes: For every TOMS shoe you purchase, a pair of brand new shoes are given to those in need. TOMS has given more than 45 million pairs of new shoes to children around the world.

TOMS- give_sight

The Gift of Sight: Each TOMS eyewear purchase goes to giving prescription glasses and sight-saving surgery to those in need. In this recent campaign, TOMS has already restored sight to over 325 thousand people in need.

The Gift of Water: TOMS created a coffee line to help the more than 780 million people who don’t have access to safe water systems. For each bag of TOMS Roasting Co. coffee bought, 140 liters of safe water, a week’s supply, will be given to a person in need.

The Gift of Safe Birth: TOMS bag purchases provide training for their skilled Giving Partners. This also supports vital materials that are crucial in order for woman to safely give birth.

The Gift of Kindness:  TOMS StandUp Backpack Collection provides school staff and counselors training on how to prevent and respond to various situations of bullying. In fact, one out of every three students is a victim of bullying, in the United States alone.

“We believe in creating a world where we live for one, another.”

TOMS help

TOMS has not only established a strong brand, but have been able to expand and continue the growth of their brand, by launching various marketing campaigns. On May 21st TOMS kicked off a new marketing campaign, One Day Without Shoes.  For every person who tagged TOMS in an Instagram photo of bare feet, a new pair of shoes was given to child in need. This campaign lasted for two weeks and demonstrated TOMS’ commitment to giving back to the community. At TOMS it is important for their customers to be given the opportunity to make a difference and feel good. The ingenuity of philanthropic services is quintessential in keeping CSR at the core of TOMS.

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