How Bud Light Is Bringing More Than Just Their Beer To Music Festivals

Bud Light HP Can Campaign

Brands are starting to realize that they need to do more than just create an awesome product. It’s no longer solely about how a product tastes, feels, functions, etc., but rather how a product looks. In this case, judging a book by its cover has never held more truth.

Recently, Bud Light created 200,000 different cans with variations on 31 designs, and 31 million possible label outputs, using vertical-printing technology from HP. Partnering with HP and avoiding conventional printing, Bud Light was able to insure that no two cans will ever look the same. This makes every consumer’s experience unique, something that not many brands have been able to pull off.

So, why is Bud Light spending their time and money on vibrant and fun brand packaging? Well, they are responding to the outbreak of music festivals across the United States. As music festivals become more and more popular (and expensive for that matter), brands are being forced to be bold and stand out of the crowd. Festivals are filled to the brim with vendors, and it is too easy for them to blend into the abyss. Festival goers are starting to expect more from brands. They want better products, at a far cheaper price, and while brands can’t guarantee this, what they can do is spice up their presentation and packaging to distract from the high prices.

Bud Light Campaign

Bud Light Campaign

Bud Light is planning on revealing their awesome cans during the Mad Decent Block Party Tour that covers almost 20 states and features over 60 artists spread across the months of August and September. It will be interesting to see how consumers will respond to the unique packaging and whether or not it will increase their sales throughout this music festival. Hopefully, Bud Light will see success similar to Diet Coke and Absolut when they pulled a similar creative packaging stunt. Only time will tell whether or not Bud Light will stir up noise they were hoping to at this music festival just around the corner.

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