Vines are Spreading

Vine Social Media PlatformVine is a relatively new Social Media platform with less users than YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Although it has a smaller following, with roughly 40 million users, it is growing rapidly. Vine is a video sharing Social Media platform that allows users to share short, looped videos. Other users can then Like, comment, or “re-vine” the videos, which helps proliferate the video across multiple Social platforms.

Vine may not be the most popular form of Social Media, but it is certainly an important one. In fact, many brands, like Oreo Cookies, have started to utilize Vine in their branding efforts. It is important to note that Vine branding is not meant to replace other Social Media marketing, but rather to accent it and to help form a more diverse integrated marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at the many ways in which Vine can help companies spread their branding message.

Audience Engagement
Vine has been created for the purpose of sharing and engaging. When you think of the name Vine, what comes to mind? Vines are long, entangled growths that sprout from trees and smaller plants. Just like real vines, Vine videos spread across Social Media platforms through Liking, commenting, “re-vining,” and cross platform sharing through websites like YouTube and Facebook. Vine videos are unique in style, which offers brands the opportunity to advertise in creative new ways and on a new platform.

Because of the ease of creation, users can also create their own videos featuring their favorite brand, which helps with brand exposure. For example, one user created an animation with Oreo Cookies and milk. This video shows the wrapper of the Oreo’s bag dunking cookies into milk. The creator of this video is not alone. Many users have created videos using Oreo cookies or items relating to the Oreo name.

Vine has made user engagement more fun, creative, and simple. The videos are also very short, which allows for users to digest the information more quickly and more successfully. This can give brands the peace of mind in knowing that posted content will not be overlooked because of video length.

Quick creation and posting
YouTube is a great video sharing website. However, Vine is quick and simple. Because the videos on Vine are very short, they can be filmed in just seconds. The posting is also much simpler. YouTube requires users to input a lot of video information, which can take time. Also, because the videos are longer, they take considerable time to upload. Even after uploading, it can take a while for the videos to be playable. However, Vine videos can be posted very quickly and with very little information. Giving brands the added benefit of saving time and money on video production.

Quick creation and posting also allows for brands to create content as an event is happening live. For example, a sports team can post a video clip from a specific game, just seconds after it happens. This gives brands the opportunity to post relevant information more often for purposes of gaining exposure. This also allows for brands to reach new audiences that are more interested in a specific event, by posting relevant content while also finding creative ways to associate the brand with the event.

Vines are very entertaining
We all want to be entertained. No one goes to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or any other Social Media platform in search of boring content. In a world where audiences crave instant gratification, short and easily accessible videos are in high demand.

If you were to browse for videos on Vine using a subject that you enjoy, there will be a massive amount of videos to choose from. Vine videos are very short, which allows for audiences to watch more videos. Think of Social Media in terms of fruit. YouTube videos are big, red apples. A good one is worth the consumption, but a bad one feels like a waste of time. Vine videos are like grapes, if you consume one that you don’t like, that’s fine, it was quick and easy, and there are many more available. Isn’t that odd? Grapes grow on Vines. Maybe that was their intention all along.

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