Topic Clusters: The New SEO Strategy

Online search behavior is changing. People are now searching with the assumption that search engines can recognize intent. Instead of searching “San Diego Restaurants” people are searching “What Should I Have for Dinner”. This presents a new way for search engines to crawl for content and presents a new SEO strategy. This introduces the SEO Topic Cluster, which will change content marketing strategies and may be the future of SEO optimization.

And thanks to HubSpot it couldn’t be any easier.


HubSpot has released the ability to create topic clusters within their HubSpot portal to help increase website traffic and recycle content through search engines. How it works is simple. You start by entering a core topic. It can be the primary service that you offer or a solution that your services can provide. Next, you build out subtopics linking to relevant pages on your site. HubSpot will give suggestions on the different long tail keywords that resonate with your core topic lets you know the monthly search volume and relevancy of the keyword.

HubSpot has made it easy and efficient to create and track topic clusters. They are also preparing you for the new age of SEO. People will be relying on topic clusters to help with search visibility, website traffic, and, possibly, help generate leads. And if you run into any issues, HubSpot has a great support page that will break down any questions you may have.

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