What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is technology that automatically manages marketing activities for several campaigns, across many channels.

When businesses use marketing automation, they can reach customers with targeted messages through email, social media, and even texts. The messages are automatically sent according to your instructions, also called workflows. You can create workflows by using templates or you can make custom workflows. The workflows can also be modified during a campaign. 

Marketing teams can automate their online campaigns to maximize efficiency and increase revenue. Employees are available to do more important tasks when repetitive tasks are done automatically. Marketing automation helps with every stage of marketing strategy from lead generation, nurturing, and scoring, to measuring the overall ROI on campaigns. 

What does marketing automation do and how does it work?

Marketing automation aims to simplify and streamline time-consuming activities in the marketing strategy. It allows you to implement a digital marketing strategy without manually pressing send on every message or post. Automation tools can also help you identify your audience, design targeted content, and automatically trigger actions based on customer behavior and the schedule you set. You can always analyze and edit your campaign as you get results. Having an automated marketing strategy will save you time and drive revenue while you can focus on growing your business. 

By combining all of the customer data you collect from website visits, social media, and emails, you can create a 360-degree view of each consumer. From this point on, marketing automation does all of the work. It takes this data into account when creating personalized messaging and then delivering that experience to your customers. Automation is able to get all of this done much faster and with fewer errors than humans. 

What does marketing automation mean for your customers?

With marketing automation, you can easily customize every interaction based on customer data to create smooth journeys through every brand touchpoint. Reach customers along their journey at any stage in the customer life cycle to provide relevant content to your customers at the right time, and then convert them into loyal brand advocates. Using marketing automation not only makes things easier for you, but also for your customers. They will get exactly what they need from your brand. 

Create positive experiences across your organization.

You want your customers to see the same brand identity every time they interact with your brand. Marketing automation makes this possible by automatically sending messages based on your customer data. You’ll be able to connect marketing, sales, and customer interactions to create a positive experience for your consumers.

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