Say Goodbye to the Old Google Analytics

Did you feel a cold shiver rush down your spine yesterday? Have the urge to issue a blood-curdling scream? Join the club. On July 18, Google officially pulled the plug on the old version of Google Analytics. And for those of us that resist change, this was a big deal. (Like when you were finally forced to switch over to Facebook Timeline against your will.)

Though Google rolled out the new Analytics platform almost a year ago, it left the option to use the old version of Google Analytics. This was a move appreciated by all those that fear new platforms. After all, who wants to relearn how to navigate an entirely new interface? All you had to do was click back to the old version and there you were, cradled in the embrace of familiarity.

Fortunately, the new Google Analytics isn’t as scary as the Facebook Timeline. In fact, it’s actually pretty cool. There are new features like Social Reports, which shows you how your social media campaigns are performing. The Mobile Reports feature is particularly useful, as it reports how people using mobile devices are interacting with your site or landing page. As more and more people ditch their laptops for smart phones, these metrics will become increasingly important.

As if that’s not enough, there is also a Content Experiments feature that allows you to show different versions of a page to different people in order to test how different content, messaging, images, etc. perform. This feature will be invaluable to marketers looking to test new messaging and positioning on their website.

Still not convinced the change is a good thing? Google is one step ahead of you. They published an article on their blog that explains how to use the new features and gave a link to their help center, too.

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