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We were thrilled to have the opportunity to design and program Fresh Healthy Vending’s new website. Fresh Healthy Vending, a San Diego based company, provides an alternative to traditional vending machines. Instead of fattening chips and high calorie, low nutrient cookies, Fresh Healthy Vending machines offer nutritious, yummy snacks. Whether it’s in a school cafeteria or an office building lobby, Fresh Healthy Vending is revolutionizing the way Americans snack. Fresh Healthy Vending has also recently launched a coffee machine that sells fresh ground coffee and espresso beverages along with healthy yogurts and smoothies.

When designing the new website, Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency focused on creating a colorful and inviting user experience. We wanted people to be as excited about Fresh Healthy Vending as we are! We had the great fortune to work with a very forward-thinking CEO and staff, so we were able to implement some innovative practices, including a parallaxing effect on the home page. We also added bubbles over each picture to allow users to interact with the site in a more compelling manner.

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