Let It Grow, Let It Grow, Let It Grow: Movember Is Here

Visa Checkout Donates for Movember

The hairiest month of the year is finally here. The Movember Foundation, an Australian based charity founded in 2003, has now become one of the most successful global charities committed to men living happier, healthier, longer lives. Since 2003, millions across the globe have joined together to campaign for the men’s health movement. In 11 years, the charity and its supporters have raised over $650 million and funded over 1,000 programs to support men’s physical inactivity, poor mental health, testicular cancer, and prostate cancer.

For many men, November will be dedicated to growing facial fur while raising funds and awareness. For others, November will be dedicated to taking part every day in the MOVE in Movember challenge. MOVE in Movember is a 30-day challenge dedicated to promoting a more active lifestyle.

This year, Movember will get a little more hairy and incorporate the digital world takeover by focusing on the younger generation. In past years, organizations like MLS, NHL, NFLPA and others, supported the cause using celebrity and athlete endorsements. This year, there will be more of a push towards the foundational values of lifestyle brands that gear towards young females and males.

Here is a list of organizations getting hairy for Movember this year:

Adidas Goes Graphic

Adidas designed a graphic tee line for Movember as a supplementary way for teams across the country to support the cause. They also designed a signature Movember hoodie and 5-panel cap that will be available for a limited time only. 10% of proceeds will go directly to the Movember Foundation.

Adidas Graphic Tees for Movember

VISA Checkout

Every person who donates to Movember using Visa Checkout will be entered in a contest to win a free trip for four to the 2016 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic or one of six Movember hockey jerseys signed by all four of the participating NHL players — Bergeron, Bernier, Keith and van Riemsdyk. For every person that donates using Visa Checkout, Visa will also donate another $10 to their donation.

Visa Checkout Donates for Movember

Rowvember Challenge

Rhone, a men’s active wear and lifestyle brand, partnered with the Testicular Cancer Foundation (TCF) and US Rowing organization to launch their annual Rowvember Challenge: Give A Pair to Save a Pair. The challenge encourages participants to hop onto a stationary rower and go all out for 2 minutes. Consumers donate $1 for every 100 meters rowed and then must challenge two more friends to do the same. Similar to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Rowvember is a great way to get the entire community involved to raise awareness for the cause. At the end of November, the winner who rows the hardest will receive a prize pack valued at $500. Rhone will also make a large donation in the winner’s name to TCF.

Rowvember for Movember

Carlsberg’s Beer’d Beauty

Carlsberg, a brewery company, launched an unexpected product this November. Instead of launching a new beer, the brewery introduced their ‘stache and beer’d’ grooming products. In support of the Movember Foundation, Carlsberg created shaving gel, aftershave, and mustache cream that is infused with .02 liters of freeze-dried Carlsberg beer. For a company that is unfamiliar with beauty products, Carlsberg’s product launch was extremely successful and sold out within one week.

The products have since then been restocked and are available for purchase. All Carlsberg Beer’d Beauty products proceeds go straight to the Movember Foundation.

All of the campaigns listed above are simple, catchy activations for cause. Each campaign caters to a younger audience and touches on key points for raising awareness for men’s health. We think each Movember-inpsired campaign is great and hopefully has an impact on a global scale.

Follow #MOVEforMovember for real-time updates on how people around the world are shaking up their workout routines.

Follow #Rowvember for real-time updates on who is kicking butt in the rowing competition.

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