Justin Bieber’s Music Marketing Campaign Makes Impact

Justin Bieber's music marketing campaign makes impact


November 13th marks the release date for Justin Bieber’s new album, ‘Purpose’. Last Wednesday, Bieber revealed his upcoming album’s track list by sharing song titles through wall graffiti around the world on Twitter and Instagram. It doesn’t take much for Bieber to get mentioned in the media; however, his latest music-marketing stunt draws fans and media attention in the best way possible. The Canadian singer has done well to create global engagement and excitement for his new album, which is something that is becoming harder to accomplish in the online world of constant noise.

Here are the list of cities and corresponding song titles:

  • “All In It” in Los Angeles, California
  • “Trust” in Vancouver, Canada
  • “We Are” ft. Nas in San Francisco, California
  • “Get Used To Me” in Seattle, Washington
  • “Been” in Chicago, Illinois
  • “Purpose” in Atlanta, Georgia
  • “Children” ft. Skrillex in Miami, Florida
  • “Where Are You Now” ft. Skrillex and Diplo in Boston, Massachusetts
  • “Life Is Worth Living” in Toronto, Canada
  • “The Feeling” ft. Halsey in Washington DC
  • “No Sense” ft. Travis Scott in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • “No Pressure” ft. Big Sean in New York, New York
  • “Company” in Berlin Germany
  • “Love Yourself” ft. Ed Sheeran and Benny Blanco in Olso, Norway
  • “Sorry” in Paris, France
  • “What Do You Mean?” in Stockholm, Sweden
  • “I’ll Show You” in London, United Kingdom
  • “Mark My Words” in Sydney Australia


Universal Music Canada reached out to each city’s leading graffiti artists. They gave each graffiti artist a song title and a two-day timeframe. All creative direction was completely up to the graffiti artists. Giving artists creative freedom made it all the more exciting for the fans and media. In addition, the ability to create a more tangible product, like a mural, let fans share their experience through their own social media accounts.

Bieber’s fan-base also referred to as Beliebers, include Millennials and Generation Z who love a good selfie. Around the world, Beliebers are shooting pictures of themselves in front of the graffiti. For a music marketing campaign, Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ album is creating engagement even before the album is released, and more importantly, he is doing it in a very cost-effective way. So far, the campaign’s success is a good sign for the album’s anticipated launch date.

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