In-N-Out Burger Is A Small Burger Brand With A Massive Following

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger

One thing is certain about the fast food restaurant, In-N-Out. They produce the perfect burger. No, their burger is not overrated. There is a reason why the seemingly small burger brand has gained a massive following over the past 67 years. From inception in 1948, where a barely 10 feet square location opened in Baldwin Park just outside of Los Angeles, CA, this was the start of, what today is considered, the best burger on the west coast. Although the perception of the burger brand’s mom-and-pop shop may have not been the reason for the term, “The Best Coast is the West Coast,” In-N-Out has defied odds of becoming a small burger chain with a massive following.

There’s a reason to the madness. In-N-Out has stuck to their values of never using freezers, heat lamps, or microwaves. From butchering its own beef to baking its own buns and delivering produce from farm to table, In-N-Out’s fast food is far from a McDonald’s or Carl’s Jr. Although they have considerably low prices, their high-quality food speaks to the masses. How In-N-Out has created its success isn’t by chance and it isn’t rocket science either. The legendary small burger brand has stayed successful because they have stuck to their principles.

In-N-Out Puts Quality Control At The Top Of Their List Of Priorities

Even after 67 years, In-N-Out is still run by its founding family, the Synders. If you haven’t heard anything about them, it is because they do not grant interviews. It is clear the quiet family does not spend their efforts speaking with the press because they let the food speak for itself. In-N-Out’s burgers, fries and milkshakes are the Synder’s mode of communication. And so, because food quality is so imperative to the family, In-N-Out has only expanded from California to Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Phoenix, and Texas. The family refuses to franchise and refuses to build a restaurant that is further away than how far a refrigerated semi truck can drive in one day from one of its three butcheries in California and Texas.

In-N-Out Does Not Attempt To Deviate To Current Trends

There have been countless horror stories on fast-food brands attempting to add new food items to their menu. McDonald’s is notorious for trying to introduce new menu items, most of which have epically failed. For example, McDonald’s has attempted to introduce items including, but not limited to, the McPizza, McSpaghetti, McHotDog, and most notably, the super-sized option. Conversely, In-N-Out is known for their classic, consistent, simple, fresh, and made-to-order menu:

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Has A Not-So-Secret Menu

For those burger foodies who frequent In-N-Out have found that the burger chain’s not-so-secret menu is very easy to find. If you’re a newbie to In-N-Out, make sure you ask for “Animal Style,” which basically means the beef is cooked in mustard and slathered in grilled onions and extra sauce is included.

Here is a video that shows you exactly what you’ll be getting:

Caution: expect your salivary glands to get overworked while viewing this video.

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