How Embedded Facebook Posts Can Boost Your Social Presence

Screen-Shot-2013-12-26-at-3.56.48-PM1Thanks to social media, viral content is an almost daily occurrence. But it’s been difficult to keep content that’s gone viral relevant for more than a short period of time. Within days or even hours, content has often been shared and then forgotten (much like those Christmas presents you were just dying for yesterday morning). Twitter has been at the forefront of viral trends, starting with the hashtag and extending to live Twitter feeds embedded directly on blogs and web pages. These innovations have helped Twitter attract users and advertisers alike, creating a platform that encourages viral content.

Now, Facebook may have found a way to combat the short lives of viral content via embedded posts. The new embedded posts are a great tool for business that need a little social boost or extra website traffic.

Here are some ways businesses can use Facebook’s new embedded posts functionality:

1. Increasing Facebook Engagement
The new embedded posts are interactive. If you have a large number of blog followers but not a whole lot of Facebook likes, you can tap into your blog followers and turn them into potential Facebook likes. The embedded posts allow people to share your content by embedding the post on their own blogs. They can also like your Facebook page or post directly from your embedded post.

2. Share Your Viral Content Across Channels
Your viral content have a chance for a longer shelf life thanks to the new embed feature. Your content is no longer relegated to Facebook alone, but can be spread across multiple channels and still have people engaging with it, even when that content is no longer popping up in users’ newsfeeds. It’s a great way to keep track of and share that great content from your Facebook directly onto your website or blog.

3. Cross Promotion
Use embedded Facebook posts as an integration tool. The more places you embed your posts, the easier it will be to increase your social media following and improve website traffic.

4. Contests
Hosting a special promotion or contest on your site? You can require a person to like a post, share or comment on your embedded post directly from your site for that person to be entered to win or receive a discount. While “like to win” has been a popular tactic within the Facebook universe, it’s been harder to implement on contests not hosted on Facebook.

5. Keep Website Content Fresh
Why post the same thing twice if you only have to enter the information once? Sharing information in a timely manner and without the hassle can keep your website up to date. By using embedded Facebook posts, you ensure that you only have to post that content once (on Facebook) to share it across multiple channels.

6. Share Your Brand Message
Use the embed feature to reinforce your brand messaging and consistency. By keeping your brand personality the same through your posts, videos, hashtags and pictures across social platforms, you will create a consistent brand message that encourages brand interaction and loyalty.

7. More Reach, Engagement, & Visitors
It’s easier to attract visitors to your Facebook content when you bring the content to them on various platforms. If you are trying to increase engagement and brand reach, embedded posts could go a long way. Many brands still receive more website visits than Facebook page visits. By embedding Facebook posts on your website, you can direct that website traffic to your Facebook page, and spreading awareness by gaining likes from your website. Facebook embedded posts could make your campaign or simple stand-alone post a lot more effective.

Your website or blog visitors may not be aware of your social media presence. The new Facebook embed feature allows you to share your Facebook content and presence across your marketing channels. Maybe soon we’ll start to see other social media sites making embedding a whole lot easier.

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