Hokey Holiday Custom Videos: The Ultimate Digital Greeting

elfAre you at a loss for what to do for your digital holiday eCard? Well, fear not… We have found the ultimate animated holiday festivities that you can share with your fans.

Elf Yourself
Our favorite (and free) customized holiday offering comes from “Elf Yourself” sponsored by Office Depot/Office Max and powered by OddCast technology. This oddly quirky video allows you to put up to five faces in the place of elf faces and watch as the video comes to life with dancing elves in a variety of scenes. From Hip Hop to fun Folk, the cheesy videos are downright delightful. Create your own by clicking here.

Watch the Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency gals get down to business by clicking the image below:


Other customized options come from JibJab. With a wide variety of funny cards and videos, JibJab has the market cornered on funny customized eCards. However, it is not free. At $1.50 a month (or $18 a year) this service is fun, and may be worth the light investment. Create your own custom cards from JibJab by clicking here.


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