Domino’s Theory: Keep Your Online Forms Short and Sweet

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Tis’ the season for sending off all kinds of personal information online! Whether it’s through Amazon, or perhaps your bank, or ordering the newest Elmo toy – we are always inputting our personal information online these days. But how much is enough? Or, the better question, how much is too much? Let me introduce you to the Domino’s Theory.

Online forms are a powerful tool for any sales team. By filling out a form, that person has established that they would like more information on the product (a sales person’s dream!). It’s like wanting a cup of coffee and then having one magically appear, conveniently on your desk, piping hot and just how you like it!

The tricky part is getting people to fill out a form for your product/company (which then serves as a warm lead). Enter my Domino’s Theory. Listen up marketing team! When creating an online campaign, you need to understand online behavior – not just of your audience, but users everywhere. It’s likely that your potential client found your form during their free web-surfing time.

You read correctly – Domino’s Theory (like the pizza company). I believe that the sweet spot for any online form has to be equivalent to filling out information to order a pizza online. This pretty much limits forms to:

  1. Name
  2. Phone number
  3. Address (for delivery)
  4. Email address
  5. Credit Card info

Anything beyond the designated Domino’s information will either seem daunting to the casual passerby or intrusive.

So, if they’re interested, they don’t have the time to detail every aspect of their job, company, marital status, etc. in the 20-item form you’ve created (even though I’m sure that is what your sales team would ideally like). No, they really only have the same amount of time as it would take to order a pizza (see list above). This is not to say that your potential client doesn’t have the mental capacity to fill out the in-depth form, it’s just who has the time or even wants to divulge all of that information? And for what? MAYBE getting a demo or getting badgered by a sales person? PFFFFT!

Keep it sweet and simple. The last thing you want to do in your free time is detail your entire life in order to get a demo of the latest gaming software or hair care product. Your audience is the same way. Keep forms as short and simple as ordering Domino’s pizza online. Your potential customers will be more likely to fill out the forms and your sales team will thank you.

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