Here Are The Highest Performing Emojis For Brands Using Instagram and Twitter

Simply Measured Emojis Instagram Performance

Are you starting to plan out your social media marketing strategy for 2016? Here’s a tip: Incorporate emojis into your brand’s social media posts. Yesterday, Simply Measured, a Seattle-based social media analytics company, came out with data showing Instagram’s top performing emojis for brands in 2015. On that same day, Twitter came out with similar data showing the social platform’s most commonly used emojis for 2015.

Instagram Industry Report 2015

Simply Measured took a sample of 2,531 Instagram posts by 90 global brands from Interbrand’s 100 list and found data that shows what emojis rank the highest for performance. The “love heart” performed the highest by approximately an average of 120,000 likes and comments per post. Following the “love heart,” “sparkles” emoji came in second with an average of 80,000 likes and comments per post.

Find Simply Measured’s chart below on top performing emojis for brands like IBM, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, GE, Samsung and McDonald’s:

Simply Measured Emojis Instagram Performance

In 2015 alone, Simply Measured also found that 35% of brands incorporated emojis into their captions. Their report found that the “camera” emoji appeared 85 times in their sample of 2,531 Instagram posts. However, based on performance, the “camera” only ranked 9th for the highest performing emoticons.

You can see the top 10 emojis used in captions in the chart below:

Simply Measured Emojis Instagram Performance

Here is a list of other key findings Simply Measured found in Instagram’s 2015 industry report:

  • 90% of brands on the Interbrand 100 list have Instagram accounts, which is an increase of 63% from 2012.
  • 80% of Interbrand 100 companies post at least one Instagram photo or video per week.
  • A third of the companies on the Interbrand 100 list post to Instagram between 10-20 times per month, which is an increase of 225% from 2012.
  • The number of brands the post more than 50 times per month has risen from seven to 14 in the last year.

Twitter Industry Report 2015

Twitter’s data twitter account, @TwitterData, tweeted on December 7th the social platform’s most-used emoji for 2015. The “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji came in first place with a total of $6.6 billion uses.

Find Twitter Data’s post below for a list of the top 10 most-used emojis for 2015:

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