3 Creative Ways To Engage Your Customers

5 Creative Ways To Engage Customers Spotify Outdoor Ad

In today’s digital environment, data and technology driven marketing campaigns have been morphing at an exponential pace. Digital marketing practices adapt so quickly that it is becoming harder and harder to keep up with campaigns that successfully engage customers, especially with the advertising noise that customers experience every day. For many small-business marketers, it is becoming harder to build creative campaigns due to lack budget and resources. On the other hand, companies that have access to big data and big budgets are on the forefront of creating high-impact, engaging campaigns for their customers. This December alone, Spotify, Coca Cola and Krispy Kreme used resources effectively to create killer, yet simple, marketing campaigns to capture their customer-base.

Spotify spotlights your listening data for 2015’s year in music in out-door ads.

In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, people pride themselves on their taste in music. This year, the neighborhood known to be the biggest music snobs may be unsettled to hear that this year’s highest trended song in their zip code is by the one and only, Justin Bieber. Hipsters can find this news by simply walking down the street and see Spotify’s massive hand-painted ad that says, “Sorry, Not Sorry Williamsburg. Bieber’s hit trended highest in this zip code.”

5 Creative Ways To Engage Customers Spotify Outdoor Ad

Spotify’s Year in Music campaign is using 2015’s most popular songs as out-of-home advertising campaigns. The music streaming application was able to use big data to geo-target specific zip codes in New York and Los Angeles to show case specific neighborhood’s most-listened-to tracks and artists. Along with exposing Beliebers in Williamsburg, Manhattan’s SoHo district features Stevie Wonder and Janet Janet as the highest trending artists in the area. Other artists highlighted were The Weeknd’s most-streamed album “Beauty Behind The Madness,” in East Village, and Drake who was ranked the no. 1 streamed artist of the year.

Coca Cola introduces festive and interactive packaging for coke bottles this holiday season.

5 Creative Ways To Engage Customers Coca Cola Bottle Bow Packaging

In the U.K., Coca Cola launched their holiday campaign to showcase their new packaging called, “bow bottles.” The 1.75-liter “bow bottles” have labels that transform into bows.

Coca Cola is known to have the most innovative packaging. Considering their most recent success in repackaging their coca cola cans and bottles by simply adding names to personalize their product, the “bow bottles” are a delightful addition to the holiday season and will definitely peak the interest of their consumers.

Unfortunately, you can only find these new bottles in the U.K.

Krispy Kreme rigs donut-glazing machine to create the tastiest bar code for holiday promotion.

Kripsy Kreme introduced their holiday promotion this season called the #dayofdozens where they used a rigged donut machine to create a bar code for customers to receive a second dozen of donuts free when they purchase a first dozen at Kripsy Kreme locations.

The video itself is actually quite mesmerizing and also somewhat disturbing considering how much sugar they drench the tasty treats in. Nonetheless, you can’t expect anything less for a Krispy Kreme donut. They taste good for a reason and this is sure to capture customers with the world’s tastiest coupon.

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