A Look Into Brand Refreshing

brandrefreshSo you may be asking, what exactly is a brand refresh? To put it simply, a brand refresh can be thought of as a facelift or makeover of your company. It’s not a complete overhaul of your identity – unless this is something you might be considering – but a slight change to something updated. Making the right revisions and tweaks to your brand can help change the way your brand and company is perceived.

Even if you make small changes you are able to:
1. Preserve your brand’s existing integrity.
2. Bring new positive energy into your business.
3. Ensure that your company image is able to keep current if your market changes.
4. Expand your company’s reach to a new demographic or create buzz among existing customers.

A brand refresh is not uncommon, as a matter of fact, a lot of companies prefer to go this direction instead of a complete brand overhaul. It requires less risk and you can still get the results you need. Right now, you may have a strong mark that your company resonates with, but as time goes on, you might find yourself outdated. Regardless of the size of your company or what industry you are in, change is inevitable and always on the horizon, all it takes is an adjustment to compete with the new landscape. Still going back and forth on whether your brand needs a refresh? Here are some scenarios that are worth considering a refresh.

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1. Your branding is outdated.
When you first started your company, you might have had a revolutionary mark. But if you’re logo is starting to look aged, your company’s image is suffering as well. By taking an honest look at your visual branding and assessing its place in your market, is it holding you back or continuing to move you forward? Your identity should represent you in a fresh and contemporary way.
2. Your products or services have changed.
Is your brand messaging a direct reflection of who you are or what you have to offer? Is it outdated? Companies who recognize this early will grow and evolve over time to stay relevant. For example, Starbucks was established in 1971 as a local coffee roaster and retailer up until 2011 when they expanded to other beverages, tea and ice cream witch ultimately led to the decision of dropping coffee from their name.
3. Your current branding is inconsistent.
You might be using one logo on a website and another on printed materials. Or you might be using several different taglines because you can’t make up your mind as to what to go with. If you’re not being consistent with your brand, your clients wont understand what you’re offering or might see your company as unreliable or sloppy.
4. You are not reaching your target audience.
Your branding efforts may no longer be effectively reaching your target audience because your market may have shifted. Or, maybe your product or service is best targeted to a smaller, more niche audience. In any case, a refresh will help you understand where you want to take your company or help you to decide the best route for your product or service.
5. You’re preparing for growth.
Expecting to expand your business sometime in the near future? Take a moment and assess your brand so you can be sure that it has what it takes to carry your company through that change.

All things considered, don’t think that your brand needs an update every few years just because you want to keep up with the times. All your branding decisions should be well thought out and done with a comprehensive brand strategy that you have in place for your company. Remember, even the slightest change could be beneficial. Whether it be a tagline change or slightly refining your logo so that you maintain the integrity of your brand. Every company is different, but the common outcome is that if you decide to give your brand a refresh, you can see your company revitalized, help reach out to your audience and ultimately bring in revenue.

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