Touchless Payment with QR Codes

A QR code, or a Quick Response code, is a fancy barcode with a unique design that can store over 100x more information than a typical barcode. But what are they used for?

When they first became popular, marketers put QR codes on anything and everything as a convenient way to send people to a website. QR codes did not catch on right away, though. QR codes seemed unnecessary because they weren’t solving a problem. Now, things are changing. QR codes are finally turning heads in the U.S. and Europe as businesses try to find new ways to accept payments while maintaining a safe social distance.  

QR codes eliminate the need for cash, cards, entering a PIN, and signing a receipt. All of these steps are replaced with one easy step of pointing a smartphone camera at a QR code. Create a unique QR code, print it, and place it wherever customers will be paying.

QR codes are a great option for businesses that physically accept payments. Post the QR code at the checkout counter, on a package, a menu, or in your store window.

Using touchless payments and maintaining a safe distance while shopping during Coronavirus are two obvious benefits of using QR codes. They are extremely fast and convenient when transferring payment information. There is no need for special equipment with QR codes; all you need is your smartphone. It’s also safer for your customers because they don’t have to keep cash or their cards with them. Keep an eye out for QR codes next time you go shopping, and give them a try.

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