Top 5 Digital Marketing Tactics That Are Easily Missed

top 5 digital marketing tactics that are easily missed

Big budgets don’t necessarily mean big results. If you’re looking to refresh your marketing brand and strategy, take time to understand how to create effective and scalable digital 10.14_digital-marketing-strategymarketing solutions. Although you may find excitement in getting started, don’t let it cloud your judgment for these easily missed pitfalls.

1. Getting Something Out There Is Better Than Nothing

Once your voice is out in the digital jungle, it stays there. Frequency is not the biggest factor in creating a foundation for your brand’s voice. First, create a clear purpose for your brand voice so you know whom you plan to deliver your content to and how it will be delivered.

2. The Ongoing War Between Marketing and Sales

You can assume what your customers want all day, but if there is not any data to support it, you can drain your pockets faster than you can say, “Let’s try this instead.” Creating synergy between the sales and marketing department is imperative when keeping your business goals aligned and seeing results.

Your sales team is in direct contact with your customers, so as a marketer, understand what their pain points are before creating a promotional message. On the other hand, a marketer knows as soon as a lead is generated through their digital marketing efforts. If the sales team does not understand where the lead is coming from and the customers’ wants and needs, they may lose out on an immediate sale.

3. Your Ideal Customer Becoming Your Worst Enemy

Take time to understand your ideal customer because they build the framework for your marketing messaging. Take yourself through the buying journey that your customers would encounter. This way you can see how your customer would think, react, and be enticed to take the next step. Once you have a clear understanding of your customer, create marketing collateral to help support their journey. Marketing collateral may include reports, guides, eBooks, white papers, live interactions, video, case studies, and much more.

4. Manipulating Rather Than Massaging

Massage the content to meet your customers’ needs. Going the hard sell route shows that you aren’t willing to take the time to understand your customer, and as a result, this can come off as inauthentic. Even though your product or service may be a step up from your competitors, there are still suitable alternatives that your customers are willing to take if they are not happy with their experience.

Communicating with your sales team, researching your customers, asking your customers to take a survey…these are some ways you can focus your efforts on seeing what your customers are looking to get answered and in what marketing collateral format.

5. Not Valuing The Process of Tracking

Keeping track of your buying process will help determine what is working and what is not. Are you looking to increase web hits? Are you looking to convert visits into leads? Are you looking to convert leads into customers? Are you looking to convert customers into loyal clients? Once you’ve found what digital marketing goal(s) best match up with your business goals, consider measuring the metrics associated with them.

For example, if your goal is to increase web hits by 10% by the end of the year, focus on variables such as website content and blogging as well as paid advertising to drive higher conversion rates.

It can be daunting, but once you solidify your digital marketing goals, you can work backwards to finding out what metrics you should be focusing on.

Looking back on these 5 key marketing tactics, it is easy to see that missing one of these tactics can burden your marketing budget. By taking time to understand these steps, you will be able to create effective and scalable digital marketing solutions.

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