‘Tis the Season For Online Shopping: Twitter Introduces “Buy” Button

Image courtesy of uthmag.com
Image courtesy of uthmag.com

On Tuesday, I touched on how purchasing via mobile devices and online is becoming more prevalent because we are always on our devices. Well guess what? Now, you can tweet your excitement and make purchases via Twitter! Wait, what?

It seems we just can’t get away from that little blue bird. According to Mashable, starting today AMC Theaters is offering gift cards via its tweets.  This opens up the doors for any B2C companies on Twitter, which will now be able to reach their audiences in an entirely new and convenient way.

Here’s how it works:

Company (ex. AMC Theatres) tweets to their followers a giveaway or “buy now” kind of message (“Buy an AMC gift card and get a #free small popcorn coupon for every $30 you spend!”). Below the tweet is a holiday-esque picture and a convenient “Buy” button. The “Buy” button then sends the follower to a landing page where they can enter their card information. After that, the company (AMC Theatres) sends the gift voucher and reaches their followers in a whole new way!


With the holiday season coming up, it’s no wonder that we are seeing an increase in purchasing technology. But what does this kind of reach mean for businesses?

Imagine a company like Disney tweets to their 4 million followers specials on toys and DVDs with a convenient “Buy” button just below. I sense some major advertising to be taken advantage of for these major B2C companies. They already have the advantage of hundreds of thousands, or in some cases, millions of followers.

Social media platforms, like Twitter, give the freedom to users to follow the companies they enjoy. So the people that Disney and AMC Theatres would be advertising to to make purchases, already are those that would be more likely to buy (especially since it’s so convenient!). So, this brings the connection between company and follower deeper than just telling followers “What’s up” with the company.

I look forward to seeing how online platforms and payment systems further unfold as the holiday season comes upon us. Some of us may be in the stores at 6am on Black Friday, some may be avoiding the cold and madness by online shopping at home (I’m sure many from Buffalo, NY are going with this option). Whatever medium you decide to use, have an excellent shopping season!

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