Social Media for Non Profits: Definition, Strategy & Tactics


Attract and Retain Your Donors with an Integrated Online Strategy

by Angela Hill, President and Creative Director   INCITRIO | Creative Solutions for Global Brands

In today’s marketing environment, “social media” has become an all-encompassing buzzword that excites and terrifies professionals everywhere. What is it exactly? Why do I need it? And, most importantly, what exactly can social media do for me without eating up all of my valuable time?
In this workshop, Angela Hill from Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency will teach you the basics of social media as well as share cutting edge techniques to help you kick-start your online marketing campaign. Listen to non-profit case studies, large and small, to discover fascinating ways your peers are using social media to leverage their internal teams. Learn how to create your own social media plan that is scalable and attainable. Discover best practices for training your staff and volunteers to communicate online. Discuss how social media can leverage and augment your existing content. And, lastly, use social media as a powerful tool to manage ongoing donor relationships, engage your volunteers and attract new funding.

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • Social Media – terminology, tactics and tools
  • Best practices case studies from small and large non-profit organizations
  • How to create your own social media plan
  • Best practices for training staff/volunteers to communicate online
  • How to leverage existing content across multiple platforms to create “buzz”
  • Tips for managing ongoing donor relationships, volunteer engagement and fundraising online

About the Presenter
Angela Hill is the President and Creative Director of Incitrio, a boutique graphic design and branding agency. Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency specializes in brand strategy and brand implementation via design for print, design for web, and fully integrated marketing campaigns.

Since 1992, Ms. Hill has worked in the graphic design, branding and marketing industry within in-house agencies, advertising, marketing, and design firms in St. Louis, San Francisco, and San Diego.In 2008, she received the YWCA’s TWIN Award. The Tribute to Women of Influence (TWIN) Awards Program honors not only women who demonstrate excellence and top leadership within their companies, but also the companies that employ these women.

Ms. Hill has experience creating and implementing brand strategy for organizations located throughout the world. Prior to starting her current firm, Ms. Hill’s national clients included: Hallmark, Williams Sonoma, Mars Candy, Energizer, Ford, Intel, Pepsi, Foster Farms, Sega, Merrill Lynch, Visa, and PG&E.

Ms. Hill currently provides brand analysis, strategy and implementation to such corporations as: 3ECompany, The American Council on Exercise, Barney&Barney, Capstone, California Center for Sustainable Energy, Claritas (a division of Nielsen), Open Energy, Marsh, Nanogen, and the Veterinary Specialty Hospital.

Presentation Download
Click here to download the Social Media for Non Profits presentation or view online. For additional questions, please contact startfresh at incitrio dot com or call 858-

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