Marketing With The New iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Apple iPhone 6 and Apple WatchWith all of the buzz flying around the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple’s latest reveal of the Apple Watch, we cannot help but hop on the Apple bandwagon. We are, in-fact, avid Apple users here at Incitrio, so how could we not talk about Apple’s latest developments? But rather than go into detail about every new feature available in the mobile devices, we will take a look at how these new devices will affect mobile advertising.

Anytime there are significant changes to one of the most commonly used devices in America, marketers pay attention and start planning their courses of action. In the case of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, marketers are already planning and speculating about the advertising potential on the larger screens and wearable tech.

Larger Screens
The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus offer marketers an opportunity to display larger ads on the 4.7 or 5.5 inch screens. And an added bonus, the new phones will have greater video capabilities. Considering the ever-increasing popularity and effectiveness of video-based advertising, the larger screen is a step in the right direction for video marketers. Larger screens will also lend themselves well to social media marketing, where bigger is considered better.

Wearable Tech
The real challenge lies in the creative and non-obtrusive ways in which marketers can leverage the iPhone 6 in conjunction with the Apple Watch. There is significant potential for marketers to tap an unclaimed market that resides on someone’s wrist, but at the same time, marketers must ride the fine line of effective marketing and non-obtrusiveness. The key is to develop a customer experience through the wearable tech that users find to be beneficial to their everyday life.

Apple Pay
The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will finally be coming with a chip that supports mobile payments. Through the Apple Pay service, consumers can store credit card information, allowing them to make wireless payments. This means the phone can act as a method of payment anywhere that has the same kind of chip, two companies mentioned that will be supporting this technology were Starbucks and Walgreens.

Apple Notifications
The latest version of mobile software that will be featured in the iPhone 6 will include an upgraded notification system which will allow apps to alert users of new content. The notifications are designed to integrate into the user’s smartphone experience, with richer and more dynamic functions. With all of this great power comes great responsibility, and it will be up to the marketers to use the push notifications wisely as to not become intrusive and annoying in the user’s phone experience. If marketers push it too far, the user may be inclined to uninstall the app.

As with anything in life, mobile marketing must be delicately balanced between effective and annoying. When marketers are given the opportunity to venture into new and intriguing ways to advertise, it is difficult to pull the reins on the possibilities. But one of the best actions a marketer could take before venturing down an unbeaten path is to slow down and choose their steps wisely. The last thing a marketer wants to do is wake the sleeping giant that is the public, and risk backlash for intrusive advertising.

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