Landing Page Perfection Part 1

Landing Page PerfectionA landing page is an integral part of any successful digital marketing campaign. Whether you are driving traffic to a landing page from an email blast or using Google Adwords, the goals is still the same. The purpose of a landing page is to tell an engaging and seamless story in order to entice visitors to fill out the oh-so-important form and actually click the submit button. This activity turns ordinary and anonymous page visitors into viable sales leads.

The elements of the landing page have a huge impact on whether or not a visitor will convert to a lead by filling out the page form. Below is part one of our seven tips and tricks for the optimum landing page design to increase the likelihood of a page conversion.

1. Ensure landing page elements are in the right order.
One must always remember that a landing page is telling the viewer a story. If the landing page starts by telling the middle of the story at the top of the page, the viewer will be confused and will most likely bounce from the page. As much as it may pain the graphic designer, an awesome header graphic does not belong at the top of the page if it does not tell the beginning of the story. It is recommended that the landing page start with a clear and concise header to get the reader going in the right direction. Then, follow up with supportive imagery.

2. Compress the page images to increase load speed.
This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is worth mentioning. Landing page viewers are skittish and impatient. If the page visitor is having to wait (even if its only seconds) for the page to load, they are going to be much more inclined to bounce from the page before they even get a chance to see all the beautiful images. By keeping the file size small, the page creator is ensuring the greatest likelihood of users viewing the page to its fullest potential.

3. Speak the target demographics’ language.
In order for the landing page to appear genuine, and truly resonate with the reader, it is imperative that the correct language be used. Landing page creators need to do their homework to find the correct lingo used in the target market today. If they don’t, they end up looking like the embarrassing parent who tries too hard to “relate” to their kid by using “hip” jargon. This research can be as easy as a quick Google search to find the appropriate terminology. Or, the research can be as complex as to dive into the world of social listening and quantifiably determine the language being used in social networks. Either way, finding the right words to use in the landing page copy makes all the difference when relating to the reader.

So far, it is apparent that landing pages rely on clear and consistent story telling. Every effort must be made to avoid user confusion, frustration, or boredom. In tomorrow’s blog, we will dive deeper into perfecting a landing page to increase lead conversions by giving tips on the opt-in form, the call-to-action, and imagery context.

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