Ideas for Creative Facebook Cover Photos

All Facebook cover photos are not created equal. Since Timeline launched in 2011, we’ve seen all types of brand cover photos. The cover photo is the biggest piece of graphic real estate on your Facebook page, and it’s the first thing visitors usually notice. If it’s boring, poorly designed, or over stimulating, you’re not making a good first impression.

But, it’s not just about creating something “pretty.” A Facebook cover photo should be another touch point for your consumers. So, treat it with the same respect as a banner ad or a website Javascript slider, and put some thought and strategy into it.

Here are some ideas from Marketo for creating a stellar Facebook cover photo for your business.

1. Align Right
The profile picture is on the left of your Facebook page. By aligning the graphics, words, etc. to the right, you create a compositionally balanced design for your page. And, if you use a picture of a person for your profile picture, have them looking in the direction of the cover photo content. Sounds silly, but that slight change really makes a difference in your page’s composition.


2. Think Outside the Box(es)
Sure, the profile picture is small, but the cover photo is large. Why not have them work together? By having a cover photo that incorporates the profile photo as part of the graphic or image, you make your page stand out. But be sure to remember that the profile picture will appear by itself in thumbnail form in users’ newsfeeds and when you comment on posts. So, it needs to be able to stand alone as well.












3. Incorporate a Call to Action
The cover photo is a great place to market a promotion or upcoming event with subtle calls to action (such as the event place and time, the promotion dates, etc). Just be sure to follow Facebook’s cover photo rules. And, when it comes to a C2A in the cover photo, don’t beat your audience over the head. Something subtle will work better than a loud and ostentatious C2A.









4. Show Off Your Team
A great way to utilize the cover photo space is to show off images of your team. By showing off the real people behind your team, you’ll connect more easily with your audience on a personal level.


5. Appeal to Emotions
If this year’s successful Super Bowl ads taught us anything, it’s that people respond to emotional appeals. Use the cover photo space to show an authentic interaction with your brand and makes people feel good (or, feel something). It’s the easiest way to connect with consumers on a personal level.


6. Promote a Hashtag
The cover photo is a great place to promote a hashtag campaign. If you’re trying to start a conversation on social via a hashtag, incorporating it into your cover photo will really help spread the word. Hashtags can be hard to get going, but the cover photo is prime real estate that people notice.


Want more tips for enhancing your Facebook cover photo? Check out the Marketo article here!

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