How You Can Use AR and VR 

How You Can Use AR and VR 

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) make up the dynamic duo that is benefiting businesses. AR and VR technologies can help you to create riveting user experiences. Using this technology can generate new ways for your consumers to interact with your brand, ultimately increasing brand engagement. If you haven’t used AR or VR yet, they could be the missing pieces to your strategy. Below you’ll find 4 ways to implement VR and AR into your business.

1. More Immersive User Experiences

Implementing AR and VR technologies into your company or website will give your users an unforgettable experience that they’ll talk about with their friends and family. Customers are able to develop strong bonds with the product or service in a virtual environment, which will increase the odds of making a purchase. Increase clicks by giving a 3D virtual tour of your business. Even something as simple as that will get people talking about your brand. 

You can take it a step further and create a personalized UX based on data about your consumers’ habits. An example is suggesting different clothing items based on past purchases for your user to try on virtually. 

2. Employee Learning Systems

Brands are discovering the benefits of personalization for their users, but personalization can also improve things within your business. Making your employee experience personal will give incredible results, specifically in the hiring and training processes. AR and VR offer impressive new ways to provide personalized learning experiences for your employees, which can increase productivity and decrease HR costs.

Employees will have more fun while they learn with AR and VR because they make it possible to have individual training programs that enhance learner engagement. Using AR and VR will also increase the chances of employees remembering and implementing what they learned while in training because they have virtual experience. 

3. Product Testing and Free Trials

Customers can try out your products on your website with AR and VR technologies for a fraction of the cost of mailing out samples. Help your customers through the buyer journey by letting them test your products in a virtual environment. Building this system will save your company the investment in samples. Some of the industries using AR and VR to create trial runs include: 

  • Retail (makeup, clothing, shoes, furniture)
  • Automotive (test driving)
  • Video gaming (introducing new products)
  • Tourism (virtual travel experiences)
  • Realty (show a property virtually) 

There are endless possibilities for product testing and trial runs with AR and VR. Save money and increase the chances of completing a sale by creating these virtual experiences. Don’t just answer questions about a product or service, actually show your customer what using the product or service would be like for them. 

4. Stand Out from Your Competition

Having a competitive edge is all about doing something that your competitors aren’t doing. This does not mean your AR and VR technology needs to be extremely complex, it just needs to fit with your brand identity and improve your user experience. Augmented and virtual reality are still new enough that the chances of your competitors fully taking advantage of them are low. Beat them to it by adding AR/VR elements to your strategy sooner than later.

Have either your team or an outsourced provider get creative by making a fun and immersive activity for your customers to engage with. This can help you build your contact list because you can request that customers submit their emails to access the activity. The creative possibilities with AR and VR are endless.

Help Yourself and Others with AR and VR

AR and VR can improve things for everyone involved. Not only do they provide opportunities for you to increase profitability, but they can genuinely improve the customer experience. You can improve your UX, give your employees engaging training, and increase your customers’ happiness with innovative and immersive technology. Explore all the ways that AR and VR can boost your business to the next level.







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