How Brands Are Becoming Successful With Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing isn’t only about promoting products that promise happy results. Influencer marketing is about leveraging influencers to increase brand awareness of your products through their social media accounts.

A social media influencer is someone who carries influence over his or her followers on social media. This can be determined by the size of their following, the engagement and the content quality of their social presence.

Here, you will find some helpful tools that we recommend before reaching out to an influencer:

Influencer Outreach Process Tips:

Throughout the process of influencer outreach, it is important to plan ahead.

  • Step 1: Identify your target audience and create a campaign agreement. Once you identify your target influencers, then brainstorm on your campaign. A campaign outline should include some things like: an image or video rights release agreement so you can share their content.

  • Step 2: Next, make sure to track your success so you have a better understanding of what there is to improve on.

  • Step 3: Lastly, it will be more helpful for you and your brand in the long run if you nurture your influencer relationships. Why? Because there is a greater chance your influencers will be excited to work with you again in the future if you establish a strong, long-term relationship with them. Even if you do not have a campaign to run any time soon, checking in with them frequently is always a good idea.

What Can Social Media Influencer Marketing Do For Your Brand?

  • Brand awareness: One of the biggest takeaways from working with social media influencers is having brand awareness. If the influencers have a large following and are posting on social media all the time, there is going to be more engagement on your brand. This is why it is crucial to identify the influencers who have a large following, but can also relate to your brand as well.

  • Content generation:If you are working with influencers on different social channels such as Instagram or Facebook, using photos as your content is a huge opportunity. These social media influencers can produce the same type of great image content and also be able to get brand awareness.

  • Sales and revenue generation: Believe it or not, the people browsing through social media are most likely not looking to purchase anything; however, they are more likely to convert after browsing through their feed. In addition, if there is a coupon offer, it will most likely trigger them to take action. When it comes to sales and revenue generation, we recommend using a larger discount code like 20 or 30 percent. That way people will resonant well enough to take action.

The Use of Influencers Was a Success, However the Brand Itself Wasn’t

Fyre Festival, a supposedly luxurious weekend full of music and entertainment was scheduled to take place in the Bahamas several months ago. The festival claimed to provide “first-class culinary experiences and a luxury atmosphere,” along with performances by G.O.O.D. Music, Major Lazer, Migos and more.

However, when the guests arrived for the opening weekend, they experienced something very different. Some even said it was an experience closer to “Survivor.” The grounds were lacking in promised service, replaced by dirt fields, wet tents and cheap chairs.

On another note, the only successful outcome out of this horrific disaster was the use of Influencers. Fyre Festival created a video that went viral urging people to take a trip they don’t want to miss out on. The festival was mostly promoted by Instagram Influencers including Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski. It was a success in terms of promoting their brand to those who have a love for music festivals, but ultimately led to an even bigger disaster for the brand in the long run.

Using influencers as a marketing tool is a great way to grow your brand and establish relationships. Keep in mind; you should always be putting the influencer first. By establishing those meaningful relationships, you will see an ongoing success for all of your clients. Influencer outreach doesn’t just end with securing coverage. Make sure to stay in touch with your social media connections because this is another great way of networking. In fact, influencer marketing can even be more cost effective and more targeted than other forms of advertising such as magazines or television.

Even though influencers will help build your brand awareness, if your product or service is faulty, it will become transparent very quickly. Keep in mind, your influencers aren’t supposed to be what makes your company successful. If your brand is already successful and has good product or services, then the influencer is simply helping get your name out there as a trusted company.

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