Why Yoplait’s Latest Ad Campaign Worked

Yoplait, the yogurt brand, launches its new ad campaign titled, “Mom On” sharing a bold message people won’t forget about.

Being a mom can be difficult sometimes, and Yoplait gets it! When mothers aren’t focusing on juggling parenthood while trying to maintain their own personal identities, they are being judged with every move they make. Whether the judgment is coming from online or not, everyone has something to say about parenting and they are not scared to voice their opinions.

In particular, the ad agency 72andSunny’s brand debuted and Yoplait opens the commercial with a scene that will seem very familiar to anyone who has basic knowledge of modern-day Mommy Wars: breastfeeding in public. The ad also sheds like on another reoccurring issue moms face when it comes to parenting – what kind of food they are supposed to feed their children.

The purpose of Yoplait’s ad campaign isn’t to entertain the public, but to make people aware of how much moms are judged. This can be backed up by research. A related study showed that more than 1,000 American parents and guardians found that 75 percent of mothers feel they would be happier with a little less judgment. Meanwhile, more than half shared how such criticisms offended them and almost a third of the participants said they change their behavior in public to avoid being judged.

The brand’s senior manager of marketing communications, Susan Pitt says, “We know how much moms love their kids and don’t want to be boxed into one right way to mom, so Yoplait is surrounding moms with support and telling them, ‘You’ve got this! Mom On.’”

Was This Ad Successful?

Yes, because the brand goes hand in hand with the purpose of this message. Yoplait did a good job at developing a company culture. Even though Yoplait is a yogurt brand, they always had a special connection with female roles and especially for supporting moms to get the job done.

In order to be successful, a brand needs to be consistent. When people think about Yoplait, they don’t think about the product itself, but the message the brand sends to their audience. The product is not just about eating delicious yogurt, rather it is the experience of eating the yogurt with that special someone. In this ad campaign, Yoplait says that if moms don’t feed their kids free range or GMO- free products then they should not care what others think about them. Yoplait is taking a different direction and supporting moms to give their kids Yoplait knowing their kids will be happy.

Lastly, Yoplait puts people first. In this case, the brand is more than a company. A great brand will help to build strong, personal relationships as well. Yoplait does a great job showing they care about their customers and they care about solving an issue.

In most cases, people rarely remember the things you said or did; however, they remember how you made them feel. For Yoplait, they addressed an issue and generated value for others. If your service is unique like Yoplait, then your brand will be successful.

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