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Digital Media, social app, mobile The world of digital media is ever-evolving. In an effort to keep up with the times, here are some digital statistics showcasing social trends, video consumption, and mobile.





Instagram on the (continued) rise
Instagram is still growing more and more each day. Taylor Swift, for example, has 34.1 million followers. The foodie scene on Instagram is also on the rise, as Jamie Oliver, a British Chef, has roughly 2.9 million followers and continues to increase those followers by posting delicious food images using the #Recipeoftheday hashtag.

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Baby Brand YouTube videos
A YouTube-focused marketing data company, known as Zefr, found through their research studies that baby brands such as Pampers, Gymboree, Baby Gap and Gerber are increasing their storytelling videos through YouTube. Research also suggests that Pampers has raked in nearly 200 billion views from a total of 7,000 YouTube videos since the site’s inception. Another interesting statistic Zefr found was 94 percent of Baby Gap’s videos are created by fans, not the retail clothing company. This just goes to show the power of user generated content on social platforms.

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Social media’s contribution to Jurassic World
Last week, Jurassic World was released in theaters, making $524 million globally. This is the first movie to generate more than a half a billion dollars during its opening weekend. Social media may have contributed to the films success as Tweets and Facebook fans skyrocketed before the release of the movie. Moviepilot stated this film produced 1.7 million tweets and 654,00 retweets and 353,000 Facebook fans. Additionally, Moviepilot found that Jurassic World’s official trailer was viewed 5.8 million times on YouTube last week. Today, this action thriller clip has been seen 66 million times.

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YouTube Gaming
Recently, YouTube designed a new web and mobile platform known as YouTube Gaming, consisting of roughly 25,000 video game pages. Even though you can’t play games on the platform, it demonstrates that Google wants to become part of the exponentially increasing gaming market.

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Because consumers are now banking on their mobile apps, foot traffic to bank branches in the U.K. dropped 6 percent within the last year.

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Statistics have proven to show that sixty-three percent of Snapchat’s monthly users are between the ages of 13 and 24. Furthermore, there are about 200 million people a month who use Snapchat.

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