Holiday Window Displays & The Bonds Between Brands and Shoppers

Spaeth Designs

In the business of creating artwork for holiday window displays, Spaeth Design is spreading cheer this holiday season and increasing sales. This holiday season, Spaeth Designs’ elaborate displays encouraged over 24% of store onlookers to enter the shop. Not only are the store displays a great way for stores to spark sales during the high-traffic holiday season, but, for some, window shopping during the holidays have always been a family tradition.

Located in New York City, Spaeth Design gets creative in the “Wonder Factory.” The “Wonder Factory” is where Spaeth Design creates elaborate window displays filled with holiday spirit for many well-known department stores around the country. This holiday season, Lord and Taylor in New York City will feature animated figures, whimsical cakes, and even a building mimicking an advent calendar. Macy’s window display in San Francisco will boast oversized Christmas ornaments and a cityscape with a miniature store and animated children.

The Spaeth Design headquarters also have a “Body Parts Room” where they feature time capsule holding figurines labeled Macy’s “99, Fat Man” who, at one point, adorned the windows of well-known shops in New York City. Capturing the hearts of people who travel from all over the world to take part in the holiday tradition of appreciating great window display design, these mannequins highlight the history that Spaeth Design holds in design and marketing industry. Decorating department store’s holiday windows is a very small industry, and Spaeth Design has been in business for over 60 years, making his firm one of the best.

Approximately 500,000 people walk by big department stores daily during the holiday season. Although the NRF states that 25% of annual sales in retail accounts for the holiday season, 46% of all holiday shopping will be done online. Now more than ever, it is crucial that retailers take advantage of the captivating window displays people flock to for the holidays, to get shoppers into their stores. Making window display viewing a timeless tradition for shoppers creates an everlasting bond between consumers and retailers, because they remind people of the wonders of shopping.

Window displays aren’t just a great advertising spectacle for retailers, but also a masterpiece designed by many creative and ingenious minds. Every year, Spaeth’s employees create designs that reflect the popular trends of the year, and then move onto something completely new the next year, never reusing their creations twice. This year, pastries and animals seemingly come to life with amazing work from the props department.

As the shift from shopping at retail stores to online grows in popularity, the breathtaking design work of Spaeth and others within the industry becomes increasingly important each year.

Below are a few magical displays from Spaeth Design:
Spaeth Designs

Spaeth Designs

Spaeth Designs

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