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Image courtesy of www.ratacol.es
Image courtesy of www.ratacol.es

Mobile marketing, in general, has seen a massive increase in popularity over the past several years. It’s been said time and again that you must adapt any marketing campaign to be accessible through mobile devices. But, just in case you are not convinced, we have discovered quantifiable data to support mobile marketing success, particularly in the Hispanic market. Considering 72% of Hispanic consumers own smartphones (10% higher than the U.S. average), it would be in a Hispanic marketer’s best interest to utilize mobile for marketing campaigns.

Before you begin a marketing campaign targeting Hispanics in the U.S., you should consider the following results of a study from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

A PricewaterhouseCoopers report, titled “Mi Móvil: Hispanic Consumers Embrace Mobile Technology,” surveyed 500 Hispanic and 500 non-Hispanic consumers in the United States. In general, the two demographics had similar mobile habits with the exception of a few key mobile applications.

Surveys showed that Hispanic consumers are more likely to access coupons and banking services via mobile devices. In fact, 65% of the surveyed Hispanics used their mobile devices to make a transaction, pay a bill, or check their banking balance. In contrast, only 53% of non-Hispanic consumers perform the same tasks on their mobile devices.

From managing finances to spending money, the Hispanic market is more likely to use mobile apps to download coupons. Specifically, 25% of the surveyed Hispanics said they have used mobile coupons for in-store purchases, while only 17% of non-Hispanic consumers said the same.

With the growing popularity of location-based ad targeting, the data suggests that marketers may have more success in the Hispanic market with mobile promotions and campaigns. The Hispanic market is more open to geo-targeted and contextual marketing campaigns, which offer the consumer value in the form of a coupon or service.

Mobile payments are also growing in popularity within the Hispanic market. The survey found that 24% of Hispanics used their mobile device to make a payment for an in-store purchase in the form of a stored credit card. In comparison, only 13% of the non-Hispanic respondents reported having used mobile payments in-store.

Another aspect of mobile that should be considered for your mobile marketing campaign is video. Hispanic consumers have a higher likelihood of spending more time watching videos on their mobile phones than non-Hispanic consumers. A 2014 Nielsen survey found that Hispanic consumers spend an average of 8.35 hours watching video on the Internet per month; where non-Hispanic consumers watch 6.68 hours per month.

The term “mobile device” is not exclusive to smartphones, tablets are a major contender in the mobile market. When it comes to tablets, 64% of Hispanic consumers between the ages 35 and 49 claim to use the device daily, which is a significant jump from the 56% non-Hispanic consumers in the same age bracket that claim to use their tablets daily.

The fact that the statistics are not dramatically different between the Hispanic market and non-Hispanic market shows that mobile should be playing a major marketing role in all campaigns. The Hispanic market is more likely to be receptive to mobile marketing, specifically in the form of money-saving coupons. Also, Hispanic consumers are more likely to use their smart devices to pay for in-store purchases. So, before you discount the importance of mobile marketing, consider the data, and think again.

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