GoPro Is About To Rule The Video Advertisement Industry

GoPro Action ShotWith GoPro on the rise as one of the most desired and loved cameras among consumers, advertisers are about to find out just how powerful their video content can be. Recently, GoPro released that they will offer their video footage to advertisers at a price. At its launch, the company will be offering over 600 videos from amateur to professional videographers at $1,000 a pop.
 This release has marketers racing to put their creative hats on now that advertisements have the power to make mouths drop and eyes pop among consumers without all the work. With GoPro commercials having upwards of 20 million views on Youtube, it is no lie that their commercials are well received among consumers. Other companies have recognized the power of incredible footage, and in turn have begged GoPro to license their videos. Finally, GoPro has responded to their requests, and video advertisements are on the brink of serious innovation.

Video advertising has always been a difficult task for marketers to accomplish, given that they are costly, and the fact that it is too easy to lose a consumer’s interest. In fact, research conducted by Visible Measures found that 60% of viewers lose interest in video content within the first two minutes. This statistic goes to show that advertisers don’t have much flexibility, and for that matter time, in captivating an audience. GoPro is about to make this much easier for advertisers.

GoPro Skydiving

Now, it’s not to say that GoPro is doing this solely out of the kindness of their heart, but rather, this deal is mutually beneficial for GoPro, advertisers, and their consumers alike. Currently, video advertisements are a $7.7 billion industry. That being said, GoPro has the potential to become a top dog in this industry. The company offers footage that is not easy to come by, and that alone will be desired by advertisers. It’s only a matter of weeks before those 600 video clips are snatched up by top brands.

It will be interesting to see which brands are the first to jump on this major opportunity. The playing field is now even for advertisers. Every brand has access to some of the most incredible footage in the world, and this is going to force brands to be much more creative beyond their video footage. Keep your eyes peeled for mind-blowing ads. The video advertisement industry just got a whole lot more awesome.

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