Google Blocked 50% More Bad Ads in 2015

Google Bad Ads

In 2015, Google blocked 50% more ‘bad ads’ than 2014. Totaling a whopping 780 million in ‘bad ads,’ this covers the likes of malware, promotion of fake or illicit goods, and intrusive ads that cover up content. Although Google describes these ‘bad ad’ practices in their policies of what is and isn’t permitted, black hat marketers aren’t losing steam attempting to bypass the rules.

Google had to suspend 10,000 websites and 18,000 accounts for selling fake goods. They also needed to block more than 12.5 million ads that were attempting to sell unapproved drugs and pharmaceuticals. Interestingly enough, Google also reported that 30,000 weight-loss sites were blacklisted.

Last June, Google did make an announcement that they were developing statistics and technology that will report when clicks on mobile were on purpose or accidental. This announcement was a result of Google blocking 25,000 mobile apps because marketers were placing ads too close to buttons that resulted in accidental clicks by users.

Looking back at 2014, over 524 million ‘bad ads’ were disabled from Google and over 214,000 advertisers were banned. In 2013, 350 million bad as were removed and over 270,000 advertisers were banned.

Considering every year ‘bad ads’ are increasing by almost 50%, Google hasn’t done much to stop the bad ads from pissing off users. However, Google has mentioned they are planning to stop ‘bad ads’ from appearing online going forward.

At this point, it is a question of how it will happen and how long it will take for Google to stop bad ads. We hope that this is a top priority for Google to figure out a solution soon as this issue serves as Google’s bottom line. If consumers start to think that these ads are fraudulent or fake, they will eventually stop clicking. As a result, those advertisers with legitimate ads will be hurt. This is definitely not in Google’s interests considering this is a profit stream for them.

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