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Why should social media platforms make money from your fan base? Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all making money from sponsored ads. But, what if you are a celebrity with millions of fans? Where is your buck? Well, Mobio INsider wants to help the poor celebrities who are not making money from their social media fan bases.

Mobio INsider is a website that grew from nothing to over 25 million page views in four months. How did a no-name website accomplish this insurmountable feat? By partnering with celebrities, of course. Some of the largest celebrities found on Mobio INsider include Cristiano Ronaldo, Pam Anderson, Kim Kardashian (plus half of the Kardashian clan) and dozens more.

Mobio CEO, Mark Binns, claims, “70-80 percent of all social media traffic is celebrity driven.” Mobio took advantage of a massive opportunity in the social media landscape by enticing celebrities to come to the Mobio site with the promise of monetary gain for their social followings. Mobio realized that celebrities drive the most social traffic, yet they receive no monetary gain in return.

So how did an unknown brand entice celebrities to become members of a non-existent website? Apparently, it is easier than you would think. Binns claims that the first 50 celebrities only required 100-150 phone calls to obtain. With an extensive database provided by IMDB, you can look up who manages almost any celebrity. Binn offered the celebrities a 50/50 revenue split, and more often than expected, the answer was yes.

Today’s biggest social platforms provide the environment for celebrities to cultivate relationships with their fans and build a greater following, however, the social platforms are the ones capitalizing on the interactions.

Facebook is now hindering a brands’ chances of reaching their hard earned following with EdgeRank. EdgeRank is Facebook’s sophisticated content tailoring system, which is slowly driving companies’ organic content out of every-day user’s newsfeeds. It appears Facebook is driving down the likelihood of organic content being seen by your fans so that you will pay the platform for boosted posts. Which is a low-blow, even for Facebook.

Mobio INsider set out to establish a platform that helped celebrities connect with their fans while also getting paid for their engagement. The Mobio site links to the user’s established social media platforms, essentially utilizing the platforms as marketing channels. Celebrities can generate content on Mobio, then link to their social media pages to drive traffic back to their Mobio pages. Fans interact with the celebrities via posted requests, which are upvoted by other users. The most popular content will populate the top of the celebrity’s news feed. This process helps the celebrities know what their fans want, and how to best interact with them.

Mobio INsider stands to shake-up social media platforms, as we know them today. The company raises the question, “Why aren’t we getting paid for our hard-earned social network followings?” Only time will tell if Mobio can stand up against the already-established social media platforms. Companies are getting swallowed whole by tech giants, here’s to hoping Mobio can swim with the big sharks.

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