easyJet Expands Product Breadth With The Introduction Of New High-Tech Sneakers

Easyjet designs sneakers for better travel experiences


Traveling is about the experience and easyJet would like to keep it that way. An airline that is self-described as “the web’s favorite airline”, easyJet has now expanded the breadth of their product line so that people can enjoy their travels both on and off their planes. With the launch of their newly designed high-tech sneakers, easyJet has found a way where tourists can explore Europe’s favorite cities without having to constantly refer to their phones while on route to their destinations. For the easyJet company, they have in theory solved a human need and have also encouraged a more authentic travel experience. For the easyJet brand, it is a great way to engage their customers and increase brand equity on and off their planes.

How The easyJet Sneakers Work

Thanks to Google Map’s Bluetooth integration with EasyJet’s proprietary app, tourists can enjoy their surroundings without having to constantly look down at their phones. Sightseers will now be signaled whether to left or right with a single vibration on each foot when navigating the streets on route to their final destination. The pair of shoes buzz twice to indicate when tourists have made an incorrect turn, but they also auto-adjust to re-route users if they end up walking in a different direction, if intentional. Once the user reaches their destination, the pair of shoes buzz to notify their arrival.

So far, the UK-based airline’s test drive in Barcelona turned out to be a success. They have not yet disclosed a launch date for when the trainers will actually be available as their product is still largely conceptual, but it has definitely perked the ears of fashion-forward tech enthusiasts.

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