Design A Poster & Get Out The Vote With AIGA


By: Kevin Garrison

Did you know, only 57.5% of registered voters actually participated in the 2012 elections? Get Out the Vote, an AIGA campaign to raise national engagement, asks artists to design nonpartisan posters motivating the American people to engage in the electoral process.

Contribute to the 2016 Get Out the Vote poster collection in your own creative way. Accepting art (nonpartisan of course) until November 8, you can submit your poster design on AIGA’s online submittal form here. 

Why must it be a nonpartisan poster design?
As a 501(c)(3) organization (a.k.a. not-for-profit) it’s against the law for us to intervene, directly or indirectly, in any political campaign for elective public office. So save those pro- or anti-Trump/Cruz/Rubio/Sanders/Clinton/etc. posters for your personal feed, k? – AIGA

AIGA and the League of Women Voters have partnered up this year to Get Out the Vote in more ways than one. Posters submitted by designers will be available for public distribution and print in an online gallery. There will also be organized events and exhibitions in association with the Republican and Democratic National Convention, the Las Vegas AIGA Design Conference, League of Women Voter affiliates, and other local partners.

Are you registered to vote? It’s ok if you’re not. Just do it right here. 


By: Tanner Woodford


By: Sabri Akin


By: Mark Willie

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