Canada Goose First-Ever Campaign Highlights Survival In Brand’s Outerwear

Canada Goose First-Ever Campaign Highlights Those Who Have Survived Wearing Canada Goose


Canada Goose, a brand that rarely uses traditional marketing and still remains one of the most popular winter clothing lines in the world, launched their first-ever brand campaign. Canada Goose did not hold back on budget and creativity for their campaign either. The brand brought in Oscar-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis to help create a short film, called Out There, to highlight the Canada Goose reputation and roots. What makes their brand differ from its competition is that their film focuses on true stories where adventurers have relied on Canada Goose brand to survive harsh weather conditions.

Even though common perception of the Canada Goose is viewed as luxury, their film marketing campaign, Out There, focused on recapturing the brand’s roots. Kevin Spreekmeester, the chief marketing officer of Canada Goose, decided it was time to “make sure the audience understood that we aren’t just a popular jacket – there is a depth behind what they see in the street.”

Canada Goose captured what makes a successful brand. Here’s why:

1. Knowledgeable of Their Audience

Out There, showcases adventurers that are in fact customers of Canada Goose. The short film is sharing stories that these thrill seekers have experience wearing Canada Goose attired. In this case, the opportunity for finding direction for the tone and reach of the campaign presented itself. The brand was able to capture a very specific audience instead of targeting the masses, which would have diluted the brand. Instead, they were able to successfully create a human connection between their product, and their audience, with true and inspiring stories.

2. They are Unique
Paul Haggis’ short film recreated true stories experienced by Canada Goose customers. These inspiring stories are what separate the Canada Goose brand from their competition. Canada Goose found and honed in on their niche of having a product that saves lives in the most unruly circumstances. As a result, the unique stories shared by the brand’s customers have revitalized the Canada Goose reputation.

3. Passion for The Brand

For a product that has saved lives, this a big reason for Canada Goose to be passionate about their brand. And being passionate about a brand will denote long-term sustainability for its business because it helps to propel the company to work hard, regardless of circumstance. Passion, if legitimate, is infectious.

4. Product Consistency

Since there are so many competitors in the market for winter clothing, consistency is imperative for brands to avoid losing customers. In most cases, being inconsistent is often enough of a reason for consumers to take their business elsewhere. The Canada Goose, Out There, film implies that the brand creates quality products that can handle any extreme weather conditions.

5. Competitiveness

Canada Goose could have easily launched an average luxury brand campaign that highlights runway models, and/or celebrities wearing their clothing, because the brand’s products are applicable to anyone who lives in a cold climate. The brand is already popularized enough that if you are walking down the street during winter, you can expect to see at least one person wearing a Canada Goose jacket. For a brand that has the ability to target the masses, instead they chose to work tirelessly to optimize their brand for a specific audience. As a result, they have gone above and beyond their customer expectations, remaining competitive in the market.

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