Secret Sauce To Branding

The Secret Sauce to Branding


Establishing a well known brand is not only challenging but also essential. For example, take a look at Nike. Since the inception of Nike in 1964, the athletic apparel giant has been able to dominate. Nike has been able to succeed for generations because it’s constantly adapting to meet market needs. If companies want to establish a long living brand, they need to stay innovative.

Imagine what would happen to Nikes brand if they launched their signature “swoosh” logo and then sat back and said, “we’re good for this generation.” Nike’s brand image would be extinct.

Here are some take away lessons: Communicating your message to your audience is at the core of this essential strategy. If it helps at all, use Nike as a role model brand. After all, branding, is the emotional connection your audience associates when seeing your logo or name.

Just remember the secrete sauce to this special recipe is consistent communication.
Unfortunately, there isn’t a single recipe for brand success; however, communication is what will help you create and sustain your company’s image. In order to be a successful brand you should consider the following points of advise. Here are five helpful pieces of advise to get you started:

What is your story?
Discover your story before your brand. Once you find your story, tell it over and over again. Find your authentic voice and make your story clear to your audience. This is a great opportunity for your brand to highlight the specific characteristics that make you difference from the rest. Again, think about Nike. This company has been doing this since the ’70s. Both, its swoosh logo and its signature “Just Do It” tagline, have not changed, however, the brand is constantly evolving and adjusting its messaging and marketing strategies to stay relevant. Going above and beyond, Nike has even created sub-brands that have their own Facebook pages, to run specific promotions.

Who are your customers?
After you discover your story, find out who your target audience will be by collecting research and data. The research must be analyzed in order for you to define what your current and potential customers think of you. This launching pad will help you identify the latest trends about your brand and its allies.You’ll need to create a brand image that retains current customers and attracts ideal customers.

Are You Broadcasting?
Once you know everything about your consumers including, how they perceive your brand, you’ll need to figure out their preferred communication channels. Some possible options could be; email, billboard signs, Newspaper ads, T.V ads, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest ect. Use those channels to help propel your companies brand. And don’t forget about the Smartphones. In fact, the use of mobile for search increased from 25 percent in 2012 to 42 percent in 2014. Also, with Google’s updated algorithms, your brand will lose big time if you aren’t mobile-friendly.

Who is your competition?
Identify and analyze your competitors. Who are they? What do they do differently than you? What are some of your rival’s weaknesses? After collecting all your research, communicate your brand and your business with a different value proposition. Hint: some great ways to “spy” on your competitors include strategies as simple as visiting their websites and social media sites, or reading local newspapers.

Are you Authentic?
It is important for your brand to be consistent. Your values, message, theme, and overall brand should be uniformed and cohesive. Most importantly, your brand should be authentic. When customers interact with your business, their expectations must be met. This holds true for every single ad, social media posts, and personal contacts.

“All you have to do is remain agile — constantly moving in line with market tastes and emerging channels.”

With consistent communication that portrays your companies authenticity, your brand image will not only be successful but also stand the test of time.

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