Google Set to Release Analytics Update


At this year’s Google Marketing Livestream, Google announced major updates coming to Analytics later this year. This update includes new privacy-safe solutions using machine learning, an Advertising Workspace for automated insights, and a Reports Workspace. These new features are said to be durable for the long term and help to better understand the customer journey.

Privacy-Safe Insights

Google is helping marketers preserve marketing measurement while honoring user consent choices with new privacy-safe options. This includes implementing machine learning to predict conversions in Google Ads so you can continue to enhance performance while keeping data private.

When observed behavioral data isn’t available, expanded modeling capabilities will help fill in the gaps and allow you to better understand the customer journey. This way you can still get valuable consumer insights while respecting your users’ privacy preferences.

New Advertising Workspace

The new Advertising Workspace was created to address advertiser’s needs while also providing deeper insights into campaign performance. Automated insights will be generated on things such as where your customers are converting from or what is performing best that week.

Google is also introducing data-driven attribution models within the Advertising Workspace and the ability to generate a model comparison report. This will allow you to better analyze campaign performance and use this information to adjust campaigns accordingly.

Custom Reporting Preferences

Within the Reports Workspace, admins will be able to customize reporting options and change the interface to best meet their needs. This can be done by grouping reports, generate custom overviews of important information, and more.

This new streamlined design allows Analytics to be easily navigated and accessible to quickly obtain important information, reducing reporting time and frustration.

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