Meet WP Symphny, our new hosting solution for WordPress sites! With WP Symphny, Incitrio builds amazing website experiences quickly and easily. Together, we help you grow your business faster, thanks to the open source flexibility of WordPress, a dev/stage/prod environment, and our team of experts.

WP Symphny is designed to help you scale and build upon your digital foundation with ease. Rest easy knowing that your site is up-to-date with automatic upgrades. This enables our hosting support team to make changes quickly and provide reliable support.

There will be three hosting plans: Basic, Advanced, or Premium. Plans are based on the number of sites and storage requirements (whichever is greater). Each hosting plan also includes: 

– Global Edge Security
– Application Performance
– High Availability with active-active configuration and multi-zone redundancy for strongest uptime protection and failover.

Behind the Technology

WP Symphny is built on the Genesis Framework and lives on a private Google Cloud Platform with a Single VPS. With every site, we include dev/stage/prod environments, Global CDN, real-time page diagnostics, automated SSL certificates, and a launch readiness assessment. 

Automated Migration & Backups

Your move to WP Symphny is seamless when we use our auto migration plugin. We also perform daily backups of your website to provide you with peace of mind should you encounter any technical challenges, all within WP Symphny.

Dev, Stage, Prod Environments

Every WP Symphny website includes three environments to help Incitrio’s web developers quickly set up an efficient development workflow. We build sites faster with our local development environment, SSH Gateway access, push & pull deployments, and other build and debug tools. Our development team leverages tools to simplify and shorten development cycles through rapid testing of changes to minimize troubleshooting after “go live

Free CDN and SSL Certificates

Scale your site and ensure faster load times with CDN. Keep your transactions safe with SSL. We automatically add them to all Incitrio website client installs with a single click.

Launch Readiness Assessments

Prior to every site deployment, Incitrio’s team performs a pre-launch review utilizing best practices through a series of code compatibility tests on staging.

WordPress Core Updates

All major WordPress Core updates happen automatically to ensure sites stay up to date. Our team at Incitrio tests minor updates in a dev environment before recommending them.

Contact us today to learn how you can start making music with your website and WP Symphny!


What is WP Symphny built on?

WP Symphny is built on the Genesis Framework and lives on a private Google Cloud Platform with a Single VPS. 

How much does WP Symphny cost?

The price varies by package, with the Basic package starting at $75/month, Advanced at $150/month, and Premium at $250/month.

Do you offer any other services in conjunction with WP Symphny?

Yes we do! We offer Maintenance & Support Packages for websites and SEO.

My website is not on WordPress. Can I still host my website on WP Symphny?

At this time, our server can only host websites currently living on WordPress. However, we can still offer Maintenance & Support Packages for your website! Contact us directly for details.