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12 10, 2010

Why Rebranding & Design Are Important. Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency Makes Channel 6 News.

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Channel 6 Reporter, Marc Bailey recently interviewed Angela Hill, Creative Director & President of Incitrio. The topic? The 2010 AIGA Y International Design Conference held in San Diego and the impact […]

13 07, 2010

Social Media: What’s the Rush???

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Under Pressure

I keep hearing that old song by David Bowie, or Vanilla Ice for you younger folks. Man, are marketing directors under some serious pressure these days! With all the hype going on around social media, CEOs are pushing harder than ever for marketing departments to implement online marketing strategies. Here’s what I keep hearing: […]

7 01, 2009

Sustainability Study Provides Insights Into Designer/Brand Owner Trends

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Sustainability Study
A new in-depth print sustainability study investigates designer and brand owner opinion regarding sustainable print practices. Sponsored by Monadnock Paper Mills and conducted by research firm Marketplace Insights, the Study was conducted with over 300 print designers, packaging designers and brand owners. It […]

5 12, 2008

Next Generation of Collaboration is Innovative and Sustainable: the Napkin PC

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Hello Fellow Brand Lovers,
Today, I came across a very interesting post regarding the winner of the Next-Gen PC Design Competition and the first place winner, the Napkin PC. This is a product that is both innovative and green. The future of product and technological innovation is being redefined. Now, it is not enough […]